Yes You Can Wash Your Trainers in the Washing Machine, Appliance Expert Explains How

You never quite know what to expect with the UK weather. It can go from sunny to rainy in the blink of an eye and our trainers are inevitably put through their paces.

Whether it’s warmer hikes, wetter walks or daily workouts in the gym, knowing how to clean your favourite trainers properly without damaging them or your washing machine can be worth its weight in running medals.

Ian Palmer-Smith, appliance expert at Domestic & General shares six tips for keeping your trainers looking fresh without the need for a new pair or a washing machine repair:

Ian explains: “Putting trainers in the washing machine may seem like an easy way to make them clean again, but if not done correctly, it can damage both your trainers and your washing machine.”

1. Check that trainers can be washed

The first thing to do is check that your trainers can be put in the washing machine. I would recommend against putting trainers made out of leather or suede in the wash, as they are more likely to sustain water damage.

Trainers made of cotton, canvas, polyester, or nylon are typically more durable and able to withstand being put through a wash cycle.

2. Scrub trainers beforehand

To ensure your trainers come out of the machine in pristine condition, it’s important to spot clean and scrub any caked-on dirt off the trainers first. 

This will also stop the built-up dirt and mud from clogging up and damaging your appliance, leaving it needing a washing machine repair.

3. Remove the laces

To further avoid the need for a washing machine repair, ensure to remove the laces from your trainers before you put them in the washing machine. 

A top tip is to take a picture of how the trainers are laced to ensure that you can lace them back up in the same way.

4. Loading the washing machine

Putting your trainers into a pillowcase or wrapping them up in towels when washing them will reduce the potential for damage to your appliance, from the trainers denting the drum.

Damage to your appliance can leave you needing to book a washing machine repair.

5. Don’t go overboard on detergent

It’s important not to put too much detergent into the wash with your trainers, as you’re not doing a full load. I would recommend using half a cup.

Additionally, you should stick to gel or liquid detergent, as powder may not properly dissolve in the inside of your trainers due to less water circulation.”

6. Choose the right cycle

Picking a delicate cycle is the safest option, as it reduces potential damage to both your trainers and your machine. 

Using a liquid or gel detergent is also important when keeping the temperature low and the spin speed low, as it will all dissolve, whereas a powder may not.