Top 3 Writing Techniques to Calm the Mind by Pen Heaven

With writing offering many proven cathartic benefits for your mental health and well-being, the online gift emporium, Pen Heaven, explores the best techniques to get you started.

In an age where we are surrounded by technology and a constant stream of interruption, Pen Heaven is encouraging writers of all ages to take a digital sabbath and pick up a pen and notebook instead.

A traditional technique proven to help quieten the mind and align your thoughts, writing for just a few minutes a day can help boost your energy and improve your mood.

In addition, handwriting can decrease stress levels, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep better.

From purging emotions to noting affirmations and giving thanks, Pen Heaven has handpicked its top three writing techniques for 2023 to bring calm and clarity to your daily routine.


A brilliant 12-minute writing technique known as Purge Emotional Writing, or PEW-12 for short, this approach allows you the opportunity for self-reflection and is excellent for surfacing repressed emotions, thus reducing stress and easing anxiety.

A key expressive method that helps you let go of deep feelings and thoughts to bring mental clarity, the simple exercise of writing for just 12 minutes a day is an excellent way to cultivate some self-care.

Easy to execute, set a timer and let your words flow freely without your mind getting in the way. Once your time is up, purge your words by burning your paper and forgive and forget.

The T.L.C. Method

Ideal for anyone who is new to journalling or those who experience writer’s block and end up staring at a blank page, the T.L.C. Method is simple and very effective.

Focusing on the same three prompts to use every day: Thank, Learn, Connect, this technique not only gives you something to write about, but it also makes your journalling transformative.

The steps are easy to follow but to gain the maximum out of this style you need to be specific with each cue. Think deeply about what you are thankful for and delve into detail about why and what it is.

What did you learn today? How and who from? Don’t restrict your answers as we all learn something each day, no matter how small it may be.

For connections, think about who you connected with, along with how your mind connected information and moments. This method is one that works at the moment along with offering reflective benefits that you can continue to learn from.


Devised to get those creative juices flowing and free the mind from a mental block, freewriting has long been a favourite with authors and teachers. Giving the writer the freedom to think as they write, without pause for grammar and spelling mistakes, this technique works just as well for children as it does professional wordsmiths.

Championing the handwritten word, this powerful practice will help overcome blank page syndrome, capture all your thoughts, and uncover creative ideas. Brilliant for just about any form of writing, to start simply allow your thoughts to pour out onto the page without any specific prompt in your mind. Continue with your cursive until your mind is empty.

A beautiful way to cleanse your mind and reconnect with your inner self, Pen Heaven presents these expert tools to ensure your writing is a top priority for the year ahead.

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