World Sleep Day on 13th March 2020: Break the stress cycle with Neurexan and get a good night’s sleep

World Sleep Day is on 13th March 2020, an annual event designed to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving.

There are many different types of sleep problems, but common causes can be stress, anxiety and nervous restlessness. Restlessness can be result of a surge of adrenaline often referred to as ‘nature’s energy’ and released for ‘fight or flight’ as a response to stress.

There is no actual danger, and nothing to run from, all of the adrenaline flooding the body is not used and can cause physical discomfort, including feelings of restlessness. Daytime restlessness can impact night time sleeplessness causing a knock-on stress cycle effect.

Neurexan is a 100% natural remedy designed to help break the stress cycle by reducing nervous tension and anxiety during the day and improving the quality of sleep during the night. It contains four natural ingredients with well-known beneficial effects:

  • Zincum isovaleraianicum (nervousness and sleep disturbances)
  • Avena Sativa (exhaustion and sleep disturbances)
  • Passiflora incarnata (anxiety and nervousness)
  • Coffee arabica (insomnia)

It is a well-tolerated, non-drowsy and non-addictive formulation with fast onset of action, suitable for adults. One to three tablets should be taken daily. The tablets melt easily in the mouth, making it highly convenient to take on the go.It comes in a handy ‘carry anywhere’ 50 tablet pot RRP £7.55.

It has been used for over 75 years and is available in over 50 countries worldwide. It is widely available from all good pharmacies and health food shops in the UK. It can also be bought online.