World Pasta Day: UK’s Favourite Pasta Revealed

To celebrate World Pasta Day on 25th October, HelloFresh has revealed the UK’s favourite types of pasta and some of the popular searches around these varieties.

Analysing the average number of searches per month for each type of pasta, the data revealed that rigatoni was ranked as the UK’s favourite pasta dish with over 40,000 monthly searches, closely followed by lasagne, orzo, and tagliatelle, all with over 33,000 average monthly searches.

Pairing your favourite pasta with the perfect sauce is the key part to a great dish. Now that we know the UK’s favourite pasta, HelloFresh chefs looked at what types of sauce go best with each pasta to make for a tasty meal.

HelloFresh’s research also revealed the top queries regarding the pasta dishes Brits are cooking. Interestingly, ‘rigatoni vodka’ has been experiencing a breakout spike in searches since the start of October 2022.

Other popular queries in October 2022 include ‘rigatoni pomodoro’, ‘rigatoni’ and ‘chicken tagliatelle’.

Pasta search queries (percentage increase over the last week):

  • Rigatoni vodka breakout +infinity% over the past week (breakout)
  • Chicken tagliatelle +39% over the past week
  • Rigatoni pomodoro +38% over past week
  • Rigatoni +28% over the past week

HelloFresh recipe development manager, Mimi Morley, said: ‘We know pasta is a popular meal here in the UK, and it’s no surprise that rigatoni was high on the list. This warm, hearty dish is perfect for families and those wanting to batch-make meals to last a few nights.’

‘Our data shows that people are certainly experimenting with flavours in rigatoni. With searches for different ingredients growing in popularity.’

Tuck into one of HelloFresh’s pasta dishes, including quick creamy prawn rigatoni, creamy lemony king prawn linguine, roasted pepper, and aubergine linguine.