WillPowders Christmas Gifting

Number one Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘It’s Not a Diet,’ Davinia Taylor, launches two seasonal bundles to keep temptation at bay this Christmas.

Davinia, the first female to put Biohacking on the map within the UK, launched her all-natural science-based supplements, WillPowders, just over a year ago, designed for those struggling with old eating habits, yo-yo dieting, low energy, digestive issues, ageing, fatigue, wrinkles and brain fog.

‘The whole ‘everything in moderation rhetoric’ drives me crazy, as if we can say no to bliss point foods. Mathematicians design them to have the exact ingredients to trigger addictive eating so that we crave, buy more and can’t stop once we pop,’ Davinia Taylor.

The Christmas Survival and New Year Reset packs are great additions to your gifting pages for the festive season, a special gift for loved ones and an introduction to the core WillPowders products.