4 Ways to Style Your Home According to Your New Year’s Resolution

new year brings a time of reflection and refreshment as many Americans look to change their lifestyle habits, with over a third (37%) planning to make a new year resolution in 2023, according to YouGov. So, how can we update our interiors to help keep them on track?

From improving fitness to pursuing a new career ambition, experts at Tapi Carpets have provided insight on how to shape your home around America’s top new year’s resolutions for 2023.

Improve your health and fitness with a home gym

Exercise is essential to maintaining positive well-being, with 20% of Americans making a new year’s resolution to improve their fitness. Setting up a home gym can be a great alternative to busy leisure centres and venturing out into the chilly temperatures to achieve your fitness goals.

How far you go with this will depend on the space you have available and the type of exercise you’re focusing on. For yoga, a small area with mirror panelling can add spaciousness and feel like your own studio, whereas if you’re going for a fully equipped gym with treadmills, bikes and weight benches we’d recommend a larger space with high ceilings.

When it comes to lighting, overhead downlights are recommended for safety purposes, while adding LED strip lights means you can switch it up if you are doing more low-intensity workouts. For flooring, vinyl is ideal for providing a sleek gym studio vibe, while also being easy to wipe clean after you’ve broken a sweat.

Motivate your healthy eating with a kitchen refresh 

As many of us feel we’ve overindulged over the festive period, it’s no surprise 18% of Americans said they would like to improve their diet in the new year. Sprucing up your kitchen space with just a few small tweaks can be a great motivation to cook up something healthy.

You can do a partial remodel of your kitchen for this. Instead, invest in new appliances such as a blender for making vitamin-boosting smoothies or an air fryer for a healthier alternative. Giving your kitchen a new lick of paint with trending colours is a budget-friendly alternative for interiors. Although stone tiles are a popular flooring type for kitchens, laminate is a cheaper option and is much easier to clean any spillages or splashes.

Looking to save money? Futureproof your home against rising energy bills

As prices soar and our wallets feel the pinch, it’s no wonder 20% of Americans are determined to save money in 2023. Updating your interiors with short-term or long-term solutions can help you put more money away for saving. Heat is brilliant at escaping from every little crevice, so keeping your doorways and windows fully sealed over the colder months using rubber strips can be the cheaper and short-term solution.

However, if you’re looking to futureproof your home against rising energy bills, investing money into long-term solutions such as insulation and carpeting can be a smart move. Heat is prone to drifting upwards through cracks, especially in older houses with timber floorboards.

If you’re looking to update your flooring, the thicker the carpet the better, with wool or wool-blend carpets a great choice for thermal insulation. Just ensure the flooring is correctly fitted, and the right underlay is also chosen, to trap the warmth.

And once you’ve made your home toasty, it’s best to fit insulation in your attic to keep all that warm air inside the home rather than escaping out through the loft.

Update your WFH space to achieve your career goals

January brings a fresh outlook on our future and where we want to be career-wise, with 9% of Americans setting a new year’s resolution to pursue their career ambitions. Whether it’s going to be the hub of your business or an area for doing paperwork, a home office can be a great way to efficiently achieve your goals.

Now the working-from-home hybrid has become a normalised part of working life, transforming your spare room into an office space can be a worthwhile investment for maximum productivity and efficiency. And no more awkward zoom interruptions.

From layout to lighting, this is your chance to customize a workspace so it’s unique to you and how you work. For example, you could position a wide desk facing out to the window so you can enjoy the natural light, giving comfortable capacity for your laptop or computer, files and note-taking. When it comes to flooring in your home office or study, look for carpets with a low profile and short piles for easier office-chair mobility.

Commenting on the tips Joanna Constantinou, brand director at Tapi Carpets said: “New year brings a renewed outlook on want we what to achieve in life, from finances to health. Setting up space within your home which really reflects and elevates these goals can not only be motivating but increase efficiency within our everyday lives.”

“When it comes to landscaping your interiors, flooring can spruce up your space. From adding trendy touches to offering a cosy and efficient solution to insulation issues, selecting the right flooring is an important factor to consider when upgrading your home in 2023.”