3 Ways to Spice Up TikTok’s Viral Parmesan Potatoes from a Culinary Expert

From custard toast to lemon spaghetti, we can always count on TikTok to inspire us with unique food ideas, and there’s a new food recipe going viral that you need to try. Super crispy and full of flavour, this latest trend is hearty, comforting, and so easy to make!

With over 8.5 million views on the hashtag #parmesanpotatoes, it’s clear we’re not the only ones obsessing over these delicious potatoes.

Mimi Morley, recipe development manager at HelloFresh said: ‘This simple recipe takes your roast potatoes to the next level and will be the talking point at your next get-together. All you need is potatoes, butter, a little salt and pepper and some parmesan; then you’re good to go. Simply parboil the potatoes first, then toss in parmesan and flour and roast.’

‘I always get excited when new recipes come to light – like this one – which lends itself to so much creativity. We enjoy experimenting with new flavours at HelloFresh, and this trend has allowed us to do just that. We’ve found the best-tasting additions you can try at home.’

To help make this recipe taste even better, Mimi Morley and the HelloFresh team have compiled three additional ingredient ideas that go beyond the original recipe and inspire you to make it your own!

Add bacon 

Bacon parmesan potatoes are full of smokey, salty flavour. It makes the perfect addition to this recipe and is super simple yet so tasty! The flavour and crunch of the bacon add so much to the potatoes that you don’t need anything else. Cook and crumble the bacon so it can be added as a garnish.

Switch up the cheese 

Think beyond parmesan. For a slightly new taste, use shredded mozzarella or pecorino with a stronger flavour.

Spice it up 

If you want to add even more flavour to this dish, feel free to change up the seasonings. Herbs like thyme and parsley work well to keep the dish fresh, but if you’re looking for that extra kick, garlic is the one!