Volvo China Open Achieves Monumental Environmental Victory, Avoiding 350,000 Plastic Bottles

The Volvo China Open and Sweden’s water purification and beverage innovator Bluewater forge a one-of-a-kind alliance at the 2024 tournament, resulting in the avoidance of over 350,000 500-millilitre single-use plastic bottles of water during the event at the Shenzen Hidden Grace golf course. This pioneering collaboration allowed the tournament organisers to provide a record-breaking number of Chinese golf fans with access to clean water served ambient, chilled, sparkling, or warm from over 21 state-of-the-art water stations.

“Players, staff, and visitors alike played a key role in redefining sustainable hydration at sporting events by ensuring throwaway plastic water bottles didn’t make the cut at the 2024 Volvo China Open,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. Located at key locations around the golf course, including on tees and in catering, training, and VIP areas, the Bluewater hydration stations dispensed over 175,000 litres of purified and mineralised drinking water warranted free of all contaminants, from toxic chemicals to viruses.

Speaking at a news conference, Volvo China Open event chairperson Ms Zhao Qin expressed the tournament’s commitment to setting new standards for de-plasticising sporting events in China. She stated, “Together with Bluewater, we are not just delivering a great sporting event and high-quality hydration, but also promoting the sustainable development of golf in China and protecting our planet for future generations.”

“Over the past seven years or so, Bluewater has developed and evolved ground-breaking water purification and beverage dispensing solutions that help event and venue organisers around the world adopt eco-friendly practices,” said Bengt Rittri, an acclaimed Swedish environmental entrepreneur.   

Noting Bluewater’s vision is to provide access to clean water to people at home, work, and play without compromising the environment, Rittri added that by prioritising health, sustainability, and innovation, “Bluewater is committed to leading the way in environmental stewardship within the sports industry.” Bluewater solutions today are trusted to supply purified water to mass audiences by some of the world’s leading sporting and other tournaments and organisations, ranging from golf to motor racing, marathons, beach soccer, cricket, and even United Nations COP climate change conferences.