New virtual consultation service is launched

A new virtual consultation service launched today, 31st March 2020, to provide free and safe healthcare service that links worried patients to at-home healthcare professionals.

The aim is to ease the pressure on the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak and to give patients first-hand consultations during the lock-down.

This service can scale-up at speed to match the severity of the crisis. Patients can consult on any healthcare issue, freeing up resource in the NHS.

As of today, this free online service is recruiting registered doctors (including GPs, urgent care doctors and specialists) as well as specialist nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other professionals.

The virtual consultation service is seeking clinicians who are working from home, self-isolating, or between shifts.

Accredited professionals are requested to sign up and volunteer their time, from as little as 20-minutes at a time.

The goalĀ  is to supply 100,000 online assessments and 25,000 online appointments by mobilising over 200 at-home clinicians as soon as possible.


Image credit: FreepikĀ