Vestel and TrilbyTV Celebrate Partnership at Bett UK

Last week, at the world’s leading education technology show, Vestel Visual Solutions and TrilbyTV, an innovative education content platform provider, celebrated their ongoing partnership at Bett UK.

Combining Vestel’s proven European-made display panels and interactive screens with TrilbyTV’s dynamic education content platform, the collaboration marks a significant step forward in making interactive learning more accessible for schools and colleges. Working closely together, the two companies are aiming to transform traditional classrooms into interactive, engaging, and technologically enriched environments, enhancing the learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Vestel was at Bett UK to showcase its new Android 13 System on Chip (SoC) embedded Interactive Display screens. Tailored to meet the needs of educational institutions as well as corporate boardrooms, the new range offers an unparalleled user experience alongside stunning visuals and seamless touchscreen performance.

Vestel’s expertise in high-quality, reliable, and affordable digital displays and IFPDs provides the perfect canvas for TrilbyTV’s CMS platform, enabling both local and third-party content to be merged seamlessly across unlimited screens. TrilbyTV can playback content from several family devices (Chromecast, AppleTV, Amazon Firestick, etc.) and offers a comprehensive catalogue of pre-made content and templates from some of the UK’s leading education content providers.

Tim Mathews, senior product manager at Vestel Visual Solutions, noted: “Bett UK provided the ideal platform for Vestel to showcase our commitment to transforming education. Vestel’s economies of scale at our 1.3 million-square-meter European manufacturing facility are driving down the cost of digital and interactive displays for education, while TrilbyTV’s innovative CMS offers an affordable, fully featured, and easy-to-use education content platform. Together, we are helping to facilitate a more immersive and interactive learning experience across the entire education landscape, encouraging student participation and making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for all.”

Neil Emery, director at TrilbyTV, remarked: “TrilbyTV and Vestel are the perfect partnership match. Having worked in education for 30 years, we understand the importance of keeping digital signage simple for schools. Our customers often require a hardware setup that is easy to understand straight out of the box and Vestel screen technology provides this. With Android built in, there is no requirement for additional player hardware, and easily accessible timer controls mean that schools can be energy efficient. Our partnership with Vestel provides a powerful solution that is tailor-made for building whole-school communication, community cohesion, and parental engagement.”

The partnership between the two brands at Bett UK offered live demonstrations of the TrilbyTV CMS working in harmony with Vestel displays to showcase the potential impact of this partnership on the future of education at every level.