Here’s How to Update Your Home Office

Despite the latest lockdown announcements, hope is on the horizon for some form of normality to return over the coming months. Over the past year, there’s been a whole range of changes that we’ve adapted to that will likely influence our future way of living.

With the hopeful return to communal workspaces likely to be gradual this summer, paired with the emerging opportunity of flexible working, it’s the perfect time to think about refreshing your home office, making small and affordable changes to best facilitate your work and inspire creativity.

Clotilde Passalacqua, interior design manager at IKEA UK and Ireland says that: ‘Working from home can have many positives, especially when it comes to flexibility. However, maintaining a suitable work environment where you can easily focus and be productive, while distancing work and relaxation can prove tricky, particularly in small spaces.’

‘Comfort and well-being are incredibly important for any working environment, with suitable seating being key. With its built-in lumbar support, the LÅNGFJÄLL office chair provides your back with extra relief, while its adjustable height and generous cold-foam seat enable you to find your perfect seating position. Having your screen at eye level will also improve this, with the steel mesh BRYTET monitor stand allowing air to circulate and keep your electronics cool.’

‘When concentrating on intricate tasks, it’s useful to have everything within arm’s reach as searching for tools can disrupt workflow. Store notes and documents in the KLÄMMEMACKA letter tray, keeping things out of sight but easy to access when needed. The NISSAFORS trolley is a great storage companion for desk accessories, fitting in the smallest of spaces and can be easily moved to wherever you need it. If you’re unable to have your own permanent work area, you can easily pop all your equipment in at the end of the day and roll it out of the way, freeing up your space to relax and unwind.’

‘While many of us try and zone out background noise, make life a little easier with the ODDLAUG sound-absorbing panel. Wonderfully practical, this adaptable panel will dampen the general sound level in your room, helping you maintain your focus and concentration.’

‘Instill a creative atmosphere by injecting some personality into your space. The use of light, colour, texture and scent can help stimulate your flow of thoughts and help pull a multi-use space together. Plants are a wonderful way to add some life and greenery, with the EPIPREMNUM potted plant being a great work desk or shelf companion, fostering a sense of calm. A rug is another quick and easy way to create a comfortable and personal environment. Add some fun and cosiness with the TOFTLUND rug; soft and fluffy, it’s great for sinking your toes into, helping you relax and soothe away any work stresses.’