How UK Can Reduce Almost Half of Apprentices Dropping Out of Their Course?

Think Tank, EDSK, recently revealed almost half (47%) of apprentices drop out of their programme, an incredibly high stat compared to 8.7% of A-Level students and 5.3% of university students.

The top reasons apprentices leave their apprenticeship include: not being given enough time to learn, not receiving adequate training or the programme being badly organised. So, how can aspiring apprentices find quality apprenticeships that will further their careers?

Early careers expert and co-founder of RateMyApprenticeship, Oliver Sidwell, reveals top tips apprentices can follow to avoid finding themselves on a course that encourages overworking, underpaying and no quality learning:

Take your time

This stage of education can be scary, especially with the future ahead of you. You may be surrounded by people who are certain about their plans and have secured course positions. Don’t make knee-jerk decisions; take your time and consider all your options to avoid rushing into a course that may not meet your expectations.

Ensure the industry is for you

Over 30% of those who drop out of UK apprenticeships do so because they do not want to work in the job role the apprenticeship was for. So make sure you understand the positions you’re applying for, consider looking for day-in-the-life case studies within those industries and feel certain that job is for you before you begin.


Look at the specific companies you’re applying to, what their employees say about them and if they champion personal development. Then, get to know what you’re entitled to as an apprentice and ensure the companies you apply for meet these requirements.

Peer reviews

The easiest way of finding the best UK apprenticeships is to read reviews of different schemes. RateMyApprenticeship has over 40,000 reviews of apprenticeships written by the apprentices themselves, which offer a candid insight into their day-to-day lives. Each review reveals what it’s like to work for a particular company, the content and structure of the scheme, information about salary, and the social opportunities available outside of work. Everything applicants need to know before committing their future to a course.

Discover the Best UK Apprenticeships ranked based on honest, peer-to-peer reviews and strive for quality courses you won’t want to drop out of.