The Truth About the Reality Behind Hit Series ‘Gangs of London’

With the bloodthirsty Season 2 of Sky Atlantic’s Gangs of London thrilling and amazing audiences with its dark narratives and story arcs into the upper leagues of Organised Crime, much is being said about the true characters and inspirations that are driving it.

The cat is out of the bag since its release last week on two of the people ex-notorious gangland figures, now reformed, who has been working with Sky and the Gangs of London Team to get the messaging right. Several major broadcasts by Stephen Gillen, one of the UK’s most notorious ex-mobsters and an amazing article published.

Stephen Gillen is said to be the inspiration behind Colm Meaney’s Finn. Finn, a fearsome gang boss from the North of Ireland who rises to power in Londons Gangland and starts the driving plot in Season 1, bears a big resemblance to Gillen, someone born in England, taken to Belfast in the height of the troubles returning at nine years old for the further trauma of distressing foster homes that propelled him to petty the organised crime very early. He rose to be one of the UK’s most known gangsters and prisoners, serving over 20 years as a category A prisoner.

But the twist of Gillen’s story is like a Shakespearean plot neatly aligned with what we see in season one with clever surety. Finn, Like Gillen, walks away. But Gillen, nominated for an International Peace Prize for his transformational work and whose life story is being turned into a film in 2023, is quite a study himself in redemption and walking away from the impossible.

Now working with Netflix and other reformed Crime Figures like Michael Franzese New York Mafia member, Gillen is due to go to Canada next week on a media tour that has him already booked for the three top major morning shows and news platforms in North America. This story has much to come.

Stephen Gillen is available for an interview to discuss any of the above or other relevant content. For more information and to book please email.