#ThisBarbie Has Gone Viral – thortful Launched a Barbie Card Range for You to Send to Your Besties

The cards, which include messages like “This Barbie wishes you a very happy birthday” and “This Barbie has passed her driving test”, are a fun way to celebrate any occasion with a touch of Barbie-pink fun.

According to the senior brand manager at thortful, Becky Daniels, the frenzy surrounding the new Barbie film release in July has inspired the creation of these cards. She explains that Barbie has always been a figure that people love to take inspiration from, and the cards are a great way to show loved ones you care while adding a fun Barbie twist.

The thortful online marketplace provides a platform for independent creatives to sell their designs from all over the globe. The company pays its creators an industry-leading royalty rate each time one of their card designs is sold, and also handles production and customer queries, providing quick and easy service for both customers and sellers.

It’s clear that the Barbie hype is taking over the internet, with searches for “Barbie aesthetic” up by +123% on Pinterest since 23rd March, and the hashtag #barbiecore up by +104% on Tiktok. The Barbie Selfie Generator has also proved popular, with over 107,000 views on Tiktok for #ThisBarbieIs in the past week, and the new Barbie movie trailer amassing over 18 million views on Youtube.

Barbie has been a cultural icon for over six decades, inspiring generations of girls and women around the world. The character has evolved over time to reflect changing attitudes and values, and the new movie promises to be a fresh take on the classic doll. With a cast of talented actors and a modern storyline, the movie is sure to attract both old and new fans alike.

As we eagerly await the release of the new Barbie movie in July, these fun and playful cards from thortful are a great way to get into the spirit of all things Barbie. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a new job, or just want to send a message of love and friendship, these cards are the perfect way to do it with a touch of Barbie-pink fun.