These Are the Plants and Flowers Predicted to Take Centre Stage at Chelsea Flower Show

This year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show is set to take place next week. With all eyes on the gardening world from professional and amateur horticulturists, experts in online search and lifestyle trends have predicted the trends likely to crop up at this year’s event.

Data experts at search agency, NORTH analysed online search volumes to forecast which plants, flowers and style features are most likely to appear at the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show. 

Senetti plants, tulips and phlox are the top three plants predicted to be in bloom at the event. The research reveals that Senetti plants, which are low maintenance, and pink in bloom, have seen a 5,556% increase in searches over the past three months. 

Tulips continue to be a crowd favourite as searches increased 841%. Visitors can enjoy over 200 different varieties of the flower thanks to Blombs Bulbs, who showcases their cut tulip display.

Predicted flowers and plants to feature based on online search increases

Flowers and plants

Search term

3-month change

senetti plant


perennial tulips


ground phlox


candelabra primula


lemon coral, and sedum


calla lily perennial


garden petunia


gerbera garvinea


trailing lobelia


dianthus perennial


As well as showcasing the best of nature, all eyes are on the event to see the garden decor and style, which will shape future trends. Research by NORTH shows that “yard art” is a burgeoning trend, with a 1,0547% in online searches over the past three months, as many homeowners look to embrace smaller, less traditional outdoor spaces.

The data also reveals that features such as solar string lights, stone garden decor and outdoor table centrepieces are increasing in popularity which is likely to be reflected in the show’s garden designs and displays.

Predicted garden designs to feature based on online search increases


Search term

3-month change

yard art


solar string light


stone garden decor


outdoor table centrepieces


outdoor solar candles


steel garden trellis


mediterranean garden decor


white garden stones


resin bird houses


round outdoor mirror


As well as looking ahead to see what visitors can expect from this year’s event, data experts delved into the impact of last year’s Chelsea Flower Show and how it influenced garden trends as a result.

Colourful wildflowers saw the biggest growth of 200% in the months following last year’s event, as many of the show’s gardens blurred the lines between planting, wild flowers and weeds for a more laid back approach to gardening. Garden rubble and plants for a living roof also saw the most growth of 180% and 100%, respectively. 

Speaking on the research, Mary Hickey, senior digital PR manager at NORTH said: “It’s fascinating to dive into online searches to see how big calendar events like these can impact trends on a much larger scale. We regularly use search insights to see what’s trending in the lifestyle space to give real people inspiration when it comes to their homes and gardens. We’ll be keenly keeping an eye on this year’s Chelsea Flower Show to see if our predictions come true.”