‘The Siblings’ Are Back in Town: Family Band Shares Talent and Togetherness in Newest Single

It’s a family affair! Blues-infused garage-rockers The Footlight District are set to both excite and delight with their newest single Lightning, which is set to be released 9th September 2022.

Filled with powerful riffs, effortless vocals, and impeccable harmonisation – Lightning is the perfect introduction to the true essence of The Footlight Districts anthem-like discography.

The talented Chicago-based siblings have already shown incredible movement within the music industry, taking them through many exciting twists and turns. From their first two killer albums to their ear-catching latest singles such as Hush and War Though all roads point towards stardom for.

The Footlight District, they have faced its challenges. Having had their home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the siblings ended up homeless for some time. They all learned and bonded over their most profound realisation – the importance of togetherness.

The band has always shared that homelessness stays very close to their hearts, alongside their charity and volunteer work involvement. Once the siblings had lost their home due to the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, they ultimately realised that possessions were painfully unimportant and that what truly matters are your loved ones and your relationships with others and God.

The tough times that the band had experienced taught them that though life can be incredibly hard, you must make a choice to either cry or laugh – in which The Footlight District have chosen to laugh, as they embrace the good while learning from the bad.

With hardships like these bringing this family closer together, their understanding of connectivity and creative communication through music became paramount to their journey. Understanding that the relationships we have with one another are the most important thing, the band has set this motive as the driving force for both their creative direction and personal intention.