Government needs to set-up task force for young people

With the numbers of those out of work growing by the day and many of them young people, a new government task force should be set up as a matter of urgency, said leading tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg.

Richard Churchill, a business advisory partner at the firm said: ‘The Government highlighted that 18 24 years old are going to be hit hard in terms of jobs. If we don’t act now they will be left behind. Many of these could be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow but they need access to funding and guidance.

‘Encouraging entrepreneurs to start-up businesses in the current environment is vitally important to the economy. There are over five million businesses in the UK that are micro businesses and while individually they have less than 10 employees, in total they represent a significant portion of the workforce.’

Richard added: ‘What’s needed is a task force made-up of government, business, and education leaders that can address some of the immediate issues. We shouldn’t forget that many young people are the entrepreneurs of the future. They are the people who set-up new businesses and embrace new technologies which will help this country come out of the current situation. We need to actively support them because at the moment they are being left behind and deserve better.’

These are required now:

  • A young person’s business grant to support a prepared business plan.
  • A training voucher for new skills.
  • Incentives for larger businesses to provide infrastructure and resources to smaller businesses.
  • Incentives for professional firms to provide discounted or free workshops to help develop knowledge.
  • Forums and events to encourage knowledge sharing.
  • Additional early stage support to encourage employment
  • Business apprenticeships.

Richard concluded that: ‘We must make sure we look after young people who are Britain’s future and I would encourage the business secretary, Alok Sharma, to look at this as a matter of urgency.’


Image credit: Freepik