Tableware Trends for 2021: Mindful at Home – Mindful on the Go

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s mindfulness. We have to pay attention to what’s important to us: to ourselves and our health, our fellow human beings, our environment and nature. This consciousness has become part of our new normal – be it at home or on the go – and helps us see the world with fresh eyes.

From fast food to slow food

Where people once rushed and ran around, there is now peace and calm: in times of working from home, the kitchen and dining room have more often than not become the new workplace. People have been spending much more time here than they have in a long time.

Indeed, when it comes to mealtimes with the closest family members or friends, people are sitting around the table together again to enjoy their meal and even using their best porcelain. Instead of fast-paced and unusual designs, porcelain of high quality and with a timeless design is in demand: clear lines, soft, muted colours as well as natural, sustainable materials are the trends for 2021.

Just like the NewMoon collection, whose unusual, the asymmetrical design looks timeless and classic, modern and distinctive due to its round lines and high-quality white premium porcelain. Extravagant touches can be added by combining different materials, colours and shapes: the black, authentic surface structure of Manufacture Rock, which is based on the dark slate, or the bright, hand-applied copper colours of Manufacture Rock Glow lets everyone enjoy unusual meals in style at home, served in a manner usually only found in cafés and restaurants.

Eco-friendly on the go

Mindfulness also means using available resources and materials sparingly. We all want to enjoy life to the full and be on the go as often as we like, but without feeling guilty and not at the expense of the environment. So what is the easiest and most eco-friendly way to take our favourite snack or drink with us, albeit packed safely? Villeroy & Boch offers plastic-free, infinitely reusable alternatives for on-the-go drinks, meal prepping and picnics: the To Go porcelain mugs and bowls, as well as glass straws, provide the perfect carefree indulgence at home and on the move.

Lunch snacks can be prepared in the bowls and then transported, and nothing can go wrong with the To-Go porcelain mugs even when it gets a little hectic working from home. The new designs with a soft green succulent motif, harmonious gradients in green and pink or a trendy marble look as well as the new S size will be available from spring 2021.

Holiday feeling at home

Anyone longing for distant shores can recreate that holiday feeling at home in 2021. Stoneware crockery also does its part in helping to relax and unwind. With your eyes closed, you can feel the warm rays of the sun, the sound of the sea and the fine sand under your feet. The Lave collection featuring different shades of blue, grey and beige and various surface finishes is like an independent holiday in the Mediterranean – with pure relaxation thrown in.

Anyone drawn to places further afield can be transported to even more exotic climes with tropical floral décors and rare animals. For instance, with the Amazonia Signature collection: it shows colourful hummingbirds and passionflower butterflies, striking blue passion flowers, orchids and powder-puff blossoms on the finest Premium Bone Porcelain, whisking you away to faraway lands without leaving the home.