Top to Toe and Nose to Tail – Novel Supplement for You and Your Pet

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, with an estimated 17 million households sharing their lives with 34 million domestic animals. Most pet lovers regard pets as family members, and many admit to being closer to pets than some family members.

So, it will be welcomed by many to know that there is now a supplement safe and effective for use in both humans, cats and dogs designed to regulate the immune system and improve general health and wellness to keep both you and your pet well.

Immunocare is an ingenious supplement containing plant sterols, which are found in fresh fruit and vegetables and can balance the immune system by helping to reduce inflammation and protect against bacterial and even viral infections. It is an all-natural plant sterol and antioxidant supplement which provides 300g of plant sterols, roughly equivalent to 1500 – 2,100 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

It has been developed to work in a novel way by ‘up-regulating’ the immune system when it’s underperforming such as when you are sick, and ‘down regulating’ it when you it’s overreacting, such as when you are suffering from allergies. Over the past two years, we have become more aware of the need to keep our human immune system healthy, but what would this mean for our pets?

Immunocare benefits for pets: 

  • Improves overall immunity from environmental pollutants
  • Reduces histamine production – helps with seasonal allergies
  • Improves symptoms of canine inflammatory bowel disease
  • Improve dry skin conditions
  • It helps relieve joint pain and stiffness

So, why not give your and your beloved family pet the immune system the help it needs and deserves, naturally? Immuno-Care can help maintain the body’s immune system, so it is more able to combat seasonal health issues such as colds and flu, viruses, allergies, and that general debilitating feeling of tiredness and muscle pain that come from having a compromised immune system.

Immuno-Care’s unique delayed-release mode of action ensures that each capsule arrives intact in the small intestine (both humans and animals) to release its maximum potential and starts working to regulate your immune system.