Stride & Glory Puts Best Foot Forward for 2024 Business Growth

Stride & Glory, a leading marathon coaching program founded by Carl Wakeford, is proud to announce a significant expansion of its services in direct response to the increasing demand from its valued customers.

Stride & Glory has garnered multiple prestigious awards for its transformative marathon coaching programme, dedicated to building personal and professional resilience. The company has demonstrated a commitment to providing extensive one-on-one support, focusing on mindset, training systems, and holistic approaches that extend beyond the finish line. Noteworthy aspects include motivation enhancement, boundary setting, and catering to the unique needs of parents-to-be and new parents, often in high financial standing, seeking positive alternatives to destructive habits.

Founded by Carl Wakeford, who personally faced the challenges of a stressful corporate life as a chartered accountant, Stride & Glory has its roots in overcoming adversity. The coaching team, comprising individuals with both corporate and elite military experience, understands the pressures of high-stakes environments. Wakeford’s personal journey, marked by a shift from low self-confidence to resilience through marathon training, reflects the program’s core values. His experience as a carer for a quadriplegic instilled a positive mindset, shaping the programme’s emphasis on self-confidence, mental fortitude, and physical strength as foundational elements for enduring life’s hardships.

The success of Stride & Glory is underscored by an impressive track record, boasting 69 5-star testimonials on Trustpilot and a remarkable 99% 5-star success rate. The programme has received industry accolades, including the community impact award in the health and well-being category at the UK business awards, for its profound influence on individuals’ lives. Clients have shared life-changing stories, ranging from their inability to run a 5K to completing marathons, attributing their physical fitness and ‘never say never’ attitude to the programme.

Carl explains: “At the heart of Stride & Glory’s philosophy is the belief that anyone can run a marathon and build resilience with the right support and guidance. Our programme challenges the perception that marathons are inaccessible feats, emphasising that crossing the finish line is a testament to the strength and character of the individual. We are proud of the sizeable shift in client achievements we see following our mentorship.”