‘What fulfils us gives us life energy’ – The soul has an effect on health and illness

Healing and illness are connected with the human soul. Psychological stress, stress, depression and anxiety have proven to have a damaging effect on health. On the other hand, the healing effect of the soul is well-known.

Mental health disorders among German students and the suicide rate among young American women have doubled in the last ten years. For people in middle age, psychological stress is a major issue, especially at work or due to experiencing crises and traumas. In some countries, the suicide rate is highest in people between the ages of 85 and 90.

Mental illnesses point to a disturbance in the relationship between a person, their self, and with their environment. A healthy life requires a rhythmical alternation between introspection and turning to the outer world. If the two poles – inner and outer – become one-sided, it has an effect on the psychophysical dynamic of the human being. Already during pregnancy and early childhood ‚‘toxic stress’ causes a disposition to chronic illnesses throughout the entire life span. Possible consequences include high blood pressure and metabolic diseases.

‘Today, the human soul is at the centre of our attention when we consider the most important causes of illness – and health! – in countries with Western lifestyles,’ say Matthias Girke and Georg Soldner, head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. ‘If something fulfils us, then it gives us life energy.’ The healing effect of the soul is supported by applications of anthroposophical medicine and its therapies as well as a meditative practice.

The conference Soul of Man! Motion and Emotion – Living Resonance, will be held on 12th–15th September 2019, and is hosted by Goetheanum. For details, please contact  Ariane Totzke, phone +41 61 706 44 83, ariane.totzke@medsektion-goetheanum.ch

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