Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your Move to University Easy

Getting accepted into university is a rather big milestone in any person’s life and an incredibly exciting time when you have to move out of your parents’ house and begin an independent life on your own as a student. With the big moving day looming in, there may be a few things you need to really consider and take care of so that your move is as effortless as possible. 

While this time of change can be exciting for many, it is just as daunting and scary for others which is why experts from the online estate agent House Sales Direct have come up with some not only helpful but also really smart tips and tricks, ensuring your house move is smooth and peaceful. 

Make a packing list

Preparation is key and being organised from early on will help you face challenges head-on. Any house move is a lot of work and packing is one of the biggest parts of it so it might be useful to not only start early but make a full packing list as well. Since you will be living on your own with no one to depend on, it’s essential that you evaluate your needs and wants and create an appropriate list which consists of all the necessary and, equally important, unnecessary things. 

The more you add to the list of things to pack, the more you will end up remembering. You will find doing this very useful because until you put it down on paper, you may miss out on some odd items which can be important to you. 

Learn some easy meals

If you have lived with your parents all your life, chances are you have had homemade food daily prepared by them and you never really had to learn how to cook. If that is the case and you don’t have any specific skills in cooking, then mastering a few easy meals prior to going to university will make your life there much easier. 

Hot noodles can last you for some time but eventually, they will become boring and let’s face it, they are not very nourishing for your body. Ordering food may turn out to be more expensive than you thought so learning to cook a few meals yourself will also save you lots of money along the way. 

If you are a newbie, you should probably start with something really simple like baked potatoes or pasta. Salads are easy to make too as long as you don’t mind chopping but if you want a meal that will last you for a few days rather than just that one sitting, then you should learn one or two more difficult recipes such as lasagna or chilli con carne. 

Medical supplies

Stocking up on medical supplies such as cough syrup or pain relief pills is something parents normally like to do for their kids “just in case”. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing wrong with having an emergency bag of medical supplies in case you start feeling unwell. It will save you some time and effort from running to the drugstore and help you relax until you get better again. 

What’s more, if you have any medical conditions which require you to manage yourself such as asthma or diabetes, then you should make sure you have enough supply and never run out of it completely. 

Manage your finances

Moving to university and managing your finances will be much more different than managing your allowance so it’s worth giving this the time of day to review and make a plan. Working out the budget you have before starting to spend an endless amount of money on freshers’ week events and nights out is a vital part of your preparation. In order to avoid calling your parents halfway through the term about emergency money you must try and calculate how much your expenses are roughly and be always mindful of your spending. 

Master laundering

Even if you had done laundry back home, introducing yourself to a new washing machine may be a bit confusing at first. There are many ways you can damage your clothes if you choose the wrong washing cycle or use the wrong detergent. Use the time you are at home to ask your parents questions and familiarise yourself with the various cycles, and temperatures to wash specific clothes and what the different symbols on labels mean. We would suggest using the same washing supplies as your family does, especially in the beginning, in order to avoid any unwanted damage. 

Taking charge of your house move and being as organised and prepared as possible will not only make the transition smooth and stress-free but will also allow you to enjoy what is possibly one of the most exciting times of your life without any worries or unnecessary struggles.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.