Sleep well during ‘Sleeptember’ with Neurexan

The 1st – 30th September has been designated Sleeptember by the Sleep Council.  Sleep is so important this is a good time to take stock of how well you are sleeping. Are you really getting enough? Are your mattress and pillows fit for purpose?  Are you practising good sleep habits? There are lots of practical steps you can you take but if stress is causing problems then it might be that 100% natural Neurexan can help.

Daytime restlessness impacts on night-time sleeplessness causing a knock-on stress cycle effect. Neurexan is a natural remedy designed to help break the stress cycle by reducing nervous tension and anxiety during the day and improving the quality of sleep during the night.  Neurexan contains four natural ingredients with well-known beneficial effects:

  • Zincum isovaleraianicum ( for nervousness and sleep disturbances)
  • Avena sativa ( for exhaustion and sleep disturbances)
  • Passiflora incarnata ( for anxiety and nervousness)
  • Coffee arabica (for insomnia)

Neurexan is a well-tolerated, non-drowsy and non-addictive formulation with a fast onset of action, suitable for adults.

Neurexan is widely available from all good pharmacies and health food shops in the UK.  It can also be bought online from It comes in a handy ‘carry anywhere’ 50 tablet pot RRP £7.55.