Side Hustle Searches Revealed: 96% Rise in “How to Sell Feet Pics Online ?”

We’ve all thought about making a little extra cash. Side hustling has taken off in recent years, whether in a full-time career or between gigs. As the cost of living crisis continues to burn holes in people’s pockets, more of us are turning to alternative or supplemental forms of income.

Google sees roughly 3,800 people per month searching for “easy ways to make money” and an astounding 24,000 looking for “how to make money online. To that end, domain and hosting provider Fasthosts, has done the hard work for hustlers and pulled together the nine most searched ways to make some dough on the side.

Paid surveys

Average monthly searches: 5,200

Top of the list for the most popular ways to make money at home. Paid surveys had seen a startling 49% increase in search volume between December 2021 – just before the cost of the living crisis started hitting home – and now. We’re not surprised. If you find a provider with payouts and does so quickly, you can accomplish it in your spare time with the TV in the background.

Sell clothes online

Average monthly searches: 3,300

Since December 2021, the term sell clothes online has seen a 72% increase in searches to roughly 3,300 per month. With websites like eBay that have been around forever and newer apps such as Vinted and Depop letting people snap a pic and sell their unwanted clothes from the comfort of their own home, it’s no surprise people are looking to declutter and make cash at the same time.

How to make money on TikTok?

Average monthly searches: 2,600

It may be a saturated market – with roughly one billion users as of the end of 2021 – but that doesn’t stop people from trying to capitalise on their TikTok accounts. How to make money on TikTok has seen a 24% increase in searches since December 2021. There are several ways to cash in with TikTok: join the Creator Fund, sell merchandise to your followers, go live and collect gifts, or partner with brands for collaborations. Of course, you’ll need a significant following to do most of these.

How to sell feet pics?

Average monthly searches: 2,100

Perhaps the most interesting (or eyebrow-raising) side hustle on this list is people looking to make some extra cash with a lesser-seen asset. Compared to December 2021, there’s been a 96rise in people searching for how to sell feet pics online. Several websites are devoted to helping people sell snaps of their tootsies – whilst remaining anonymous. But you can also go the entrepreneurial route and use a virtual private server to set up a VPN. This, along with a pseudonym, will keep you completely incognito.

How to become a virtual assistant?

Average monthly searches: 1,200

The side hustle that’s seen the highest increase in searches in the past year or so, how to become a virtual assistant, has seen a 170% rise. Usually working from home, a virtual assistant will perform administrative duties to clients and executives, such as appointment scheduling and diary management.

How to start dropshipping?

Average monthly searches: 900

Those interested in starting a lucrative side hustle may have seen ‘get rich quick’ videos popping up on their social media, with dropshipping being a prominent feature. For the uninitiated, dropshipping is a method of order fulfilment where a seller doesn’t need to have the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, like a manufacturer or a wholesaler, who will send and fulfil orders.

There’s been a 25% increase in searches for how to start dropshipping since the end of 2021, but not so many people that it’s become an oversaturated market.

App tester

Average monthly searches: 800

A modest 800 searches per month for ‘app tester’, and one that has seen no increase or decrease in popularity over the past year or so. App testing paints the picture of requiring more time, and as we alluded to earlier, people are all about making money quickly and easily i.e. with very little effort.

Earn money playing games

Average monthly searches: 600 per month

Coming in at the penultimate spot is earning money playing games with around 600 searches per month, a 2% increase on December 2021. If you’re playing games anyway, you might as well get paid for it.

We can’t see this being as lucrative as work-from-home-rs may believe or are more likely to pay in vouchers than actual cash, which may explain its lower search volume.

How to earn money on Youtube

Average monthly searches: 600

Unsurprisingly, how to earn money on Youtube has seen fewer searches than TikTok – given the app’s meteoric rise. This term hasn’t seen any increase – or decrease – in popularity over the past year, but it’s still a sought-after source for people looking for a side hustle.