How to Set Up Your Home for Your Villain Era

Entering your “villain era” is a growing TikTok trend with 368.3M views and counting. A villain era refers to a lifestyle shift focusing on prioritising yourself, rejecting societal pressures, and setting boundaries.

Despite the negative connotations of villain, entering your villain era isn’t bad. Simply put, it’s all about putting yourself first and being unapologetic, which some people might not like. Interior design experts at Plank Hardware have identified “villain era decor” as an emerging aesthetic and predict it to be the next social-media-inspired interior trend.

This is reinforced by a recent study by Anetta Grant, which shows that home renovation media leads homeowners to decorate for the masses, not their own happiness.

The study revealed that “to be savvy, they might skip out on bolder choices while renovating and decorating”, but now, people need to push away from societal expectations and express their style through interior design.

She continues: “Even if a homeowner renovates their home to the latest standards because those standards are constantly changing, they’ll look around at the end of the renovation and start thinking about their next renovation.”

Tom Revill, co-founder of Plank Hardware, said: “We believe that the essence of your personality should be celebrated in your living space, and this is what the “villain era” decor trend is all about. The trend empowers individuals to break free from the norm and embrace what makes them happy.

“Villain-era decor is reminiscent of the maximalist trend. Maximalism is about having fun with your decor and filling your space with items that bring you joy. You could try mixing and matching styles, incorporating pops of colour or embracing the dark aesthetic to achieve the villain-era decor trend. Now, more than ever, it’s important to allow your personal expression to take centre stage and be unapologetic.”

Declutter and personalise 

Start by decluttering your space and identifying what truly resonates with your tastes and preferences, regardless of trends. Start with a blank slate, make the most of those unused spaces in your home and draw inspiration from things that bring you joy.

Mix and match

Mix and match various design elements, patterns, colours and textures to create an eclectic home environment. By defying conventional norms, individuals can infuse their spaces with a sense of individuality and create a space that tells their personal story.

Embrace dark aesthetics

If you want to lean into your “villain era”, move away from the safety of neutral colour schemes and explore the allure of dark and edgy aesthetics. Infuse your living space with rich tones, moody hues and dramatic accents to exude confidence. Add pops of colour, such as cobalt blue, that resonate with your personality.

Prioritise self-expression

In line with the “villain era” lifestyle, put yourself first when designing your living space. Start with a style that resonates with you and build from there; this could be contemporary, minimalist, bohemian or eclectic.

Incorporate items that hold sentimental value, such as souvenirs from travels or artwork created by loved ones. Prioritise elements that bring you joy and comfort, proudly showcasing your passions and interest.