Expert Reveals This Season’s Most Popular Crystals and Why You Should Use Them

The enduring popularity of crystal healing is well and truly working its way into the wellness industry, and according to a recent YouGov study, one in five Brits believe crystals have healing properties (19%).

The crystal craze has skyrocketed this season, with a 28% increase in global Google searches for crystal healing in the last two months.

This is why the experts at Online Psychic Chat have compiled the ultimate guide to this season’s most popular crystals and shared their insight into how these mystical gems can relieve your woes.


According to their research, Sapphire is the UK’s most popular crystal, with search trend data revealing more than 48,000 UK searches for this blue beauty.  It’s easy to see why Sapphire, the birthstone of September, claimed the top spot on this list, with the wisdom stone being a must-have for autumn. The soaring Sapphire trend can be testified by an impressive yearly UK search volume of 48,000.

Psychic World’s experts associate Sapphire with spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom, with the precious stone said to help promote mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It’s said that wearing a Sapphire necklace will aid sore throats, and that’s only the start of its healing powers. Mentally, sapphire is renowned for being the crystal of harmony; its core purpose is to enlighten you and remove negative energy.

  • Sapphire properties. Enlightenment, wisdom, focus, concentration
  • When to use. The workplace, when feeling under the weather, travelling
  • Can be found. Mines of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan, Australia


At number two, Turquoise is famous for its striking colour, and with a UK yearly search volume of 40,000, it’s easy to see why it’s on everyone’s mind. Holistically, Turquoise is a deeply spiritual stone used to guide those seeking truth and wisdom. Other key functions of this precious stone include inspiring creative expression, amplifying manifestation, warding off negativity, and surrounding the wearer with happiness.

Because Turquoise is so grounding and positive, it’s incredible for those suffering from anxiety or stress. Many people find solace and relaxation in the beauty of nature, and due to its namesake colour, Turquoise can help to evoke these calming associations.

  • Turquoise properties. Grounding, guidance, protection
  • When to use. When stressed or anxious, during manifestation
  • Can be found. Mines of Russia, China, Iran, South America


Said to be a girl’s best friend, Diamonds are one of the most known crystals. Famous for both their strength and as a universal symbol of love.  The UK search volume for Diamond comes in at 37,000 annually, proving that this loved crystal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Diamonds are also impressive amplifiers of energy, taking in your innermost thoughts and feelings and projecting them outwards. However, if you’re feeling negative, it might be a good idea to leave your Diamonds at home as they can also increase the negative energy coming back at you. Because Diamonds are said to absorb your energy, they can also hold onto it. As such, it’s a good idea to cleanse them occasionally.

  • Diamond properties. Strength, amplifier
  • When to use. When you’re feeling positive energy
  • Can be found. Mines of Russia and Botswana


Placing fourth on the list of most favoured crystals is Amethyst, boasting a respectable UK search volume of 34,000. On a physical level, Amethyst is known for promoting hormonal balance and encouraging sleep, making it a great crystal to turn to when your time of the month comes around.

Amethyst also helps to promote balance in all aspects of life, body, mind and soul, searching for imbalances and aiding you in finding the path to evening things out.  The vibrant purple hues of this crystal encourage serenity, and the raw form is incredibly grounding to handle. Because this crystal focuses on emotional balance, it can also be an amazing gem to aid recovery from traumatic events or grief, so it can be helpful to keep Amethyst close to you when in need of comfort and reassurance.

  • Amethyst properties. Balance, peace, grounding
  • When to use. When stressed, experiencing trauma, or a general life imbalance
  • Can be found. Mines of Brazil


The fifth most favoured crystal is Opal, with a UK search volume of 24,000! Opal is known to be full of spiritual energy that amplifies your intentions and brings happiness to you. Not only is wearing it sure to kickstart your creativity, but it will also help ensure your life stays balanced. Perfect for the creative who’s fighting burnout.

It is also known to bring luck to the wearer, promoting good karma and encouraging new positive encounters. The wearer can feel confident that opal is the perfect companion for all spiritual and mental needs.

  • Opal properties. Balance, creativity, luck
  • When to use. When in need of hope, good karma, creativity
  • Can be found. Brazil, Mexico, Western America