Searches for Pink Interiors Soar 140% as Expert Shares Tips on How to Master the Pink Decor Trend

Online searches for pink interior terms are on the rise, with searches soaring up to 140% ahead of the launch of the new “Barbie” film.

Emily Simmons, creative director at innovative interiors brand, Ruggable, has shared her expertise on how Brits can incorporate pink into their interiors.

The resurgence of pink in cultural moments has sparked a renewed love affair among Brits, leading to a staggering 140% increase in online searches for pink interior trends.

How to work with pink?

Pink is a versatile colour. Whether you want to use it to bring a pop of colour to your interior or make a bold statement, you can incorporate it into your decor in many ways.

Regarding styling with pink, three approaches can best utilise colour in your space.

  • First, you can go bold. Style your space with rich pink tones or a monochrome look that drenches your full space with a pink hue. Go bold with rich colours that can help make brighter pinks pop. Navy, emerald green and orange are a few of my favourite colours to pair with hot pink. For a monochrome look, choose a cohesive palette of softer shades, like baby pink and dusky pink, and incorporate black, grey or white highlights to break it up.
  • Second, you can work with pink and still stay subtle. Opt for lighter blush tones and colour coordination with other complementing shades. Minimalist pink styling can be perfect for an airy, peaceful space, with blush light shades helping to make the room feel lighter and more spacious.
  • Or finally, you can add accents; pink is a great colour for bold statement pieces or fun decorative moments throughout your home. One way to work pink into a space is to use a darker colour, such as navy blue, as your main colour and use pink as an accent colour to break up the darkness of the blue and bring a spark of joy to your space.

Where to integrate pink?

Pink can be used in any room. From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms and dining rooms, it’s a versatile colour that can be worked well into any interior style.

For your living room, you can add drapes, rugs or wallpaper in this colour palette to boost your room. For bedrooms, I love nothing more than statement furnishings like cushions and chairs to make it pop.

Pink is a perfect colour for north-facing rooms. Generally known to be cooler rooms due to the lack of natural light they receive, north-facing rooms can be easily warmed up as long as you pick the right shade. A blush pink is one of my go-to colours in north-facing rooms.

It’s a softer hue, which helps keep the room looking lighter while bringing warmth to the walls. If you opt for a hot pink or darker shade, it can make the north-facing room appear even darker, so I advise opting for a lighter shade of pink.

Whether you’re going maximalist or playing it safer with your interior design choices,  you can rely on pink to make a stylish statement with decorative choices like an accent rug or hallway runner that give a splash of personality.

Having impact through colour and design

The power of colour is phenomenal. It can impact mood and create the perfect interior palette for your home. It’s also critical to consider how colour relates to your overall interior design goals. Pink can be brought to life in so many styles and patterns.

Here are a few of my tips for considering pink in the interior design context:

  • For a modern vibe, I’d advise using a blush monochrome tone as the base and incorporating a range of tones to compliment it. You can do this by sourcing funky artwork, rugs or eclectic furniture in different shades of pink to stand out against the subtle, blush tones. Blush pink creates a futuristic and luxurious feel.
  • If you want a more feminine aesthetic, lean into light pinks and corals and mix in florals, greens, yellows, and citrus shades. Highly patterned designs – especially in rugs – can add elegance and joy throughout your space.
  • For a boho look, use earthy tones with blush hues. Lean into orange as a complementary colour.  Beige, sage green and brown complement the subtler shades of pink and help to create a calming environment that’s fresh and modern.
  • To create a sophisticated aesthetic, pink highlights and accents on rich colour palettes, such as navy, emerald green and gold, work well. Opt for maximalist patterns to complement and co-ordinate your upholstery for a bold statement.
  • Finally, if you want to go all-out glam, hot colours like fuchsia and magenta look stunning with cool purple tones for a bold yet stylish finish. Pair with animal prints or statement furniture for a museum-worthy space.