Speed up search engine optimisation even during lock down

Self-isolation and social distancing are difficult to deal with. So, why don’t you spend that time productively? Do a quick check of your website’s search engine optimisation. Here are the three simple points to be included on your SEO checklist:


Is your site fast enough? Is it mobile compatible? Speed is one of the most aspects of Google’s algorithm. So, if it takes ages to load your web pages, the chance to get high rankings is halved. Lesser the loading time, higher are the chances of your site getting on the top of search results.

Delete all unnecessary WordPress plugins, get rid of large images files and unclear code. They can help you in speeding up your site as quick as a wink. They know how to reduce the loading time of a site to the minimum and this will take you through.

Content Strategy

Content has always been the king but not to forget that engagement is queen and the lady rules the house. All of the core algorithm updates by Google have a big focus on user intent and an even bigger emphasis on the content type.

What’s more? Good content leads to more reader engagement and if the visitors will be happy then Google will make you even happier. Allow them to help you with the best content development services. Don’t worry, they wash their hands and then begin to write.

Backlinks juice and opportunities

Make sure all the links are working for you (remove broken ones). Take care of outbound links, analyse and launch a powerful SEO campaign. That is what Outreach Deal services are meant for.

Their database of 20,000+ websites will provide you with innumerable options for guest posting and you will witness unbelievable results.

While people are making excuses, utilise this time in the online branding of their site so that as soon as the lock down opens, their brand comes out with flying colors.

There are ways to be productive even in the quarantine, and they believe in doing the same for their clients. Get  premium content development and guest posting and pr services and increase the visibility of your brand.

Image credit: Freepik