Famous Latin American Actor, Singer, and Host Rodrigo Massa Tops 10 Hit in 30 Countries with His Last Two Netflix Series

Actor, singer, and host Rodrigo Massa wows audiences with his fresh, unique, and fan-engaging approach. The multi-talented star of a wide range of consistent hits in film, tv, and music has again shown how much he really is interested in his fans and has his finger on the industry pulse.

The famous Brazilian actor, seen in The Color of Passion, Shadows of The Past, and Instructions Not Included, the highest-grossing Mexican film of all time, knows what it is to overcome adversity and be humble in pursuit of a dream. He says: ‘I grew up in Brazil and then studied at CEA,  the acting school that belongs to Televisa, one of the biggest television networks in Latin America. It changes the order of things. I dedicated myself and had 10 years of struggle. Other tragic events were on the horizon, one being his father, who he idolised as a wonderful human being, tragically dying in a motorcycle accident.’

Rodrigo’s latest roles, from DEA Agent in Netflix’s action-packed series La Piloto to a powerful Italian mobster in EL Dragon: Return of a Warrior, hit Netflix’s top 10 in over 30 countries, and his career is now expanding into the North American market with Destination Wedding & The FlashBut the immensely talented performer, now with fourteen successful years in cinema and television and an accomplished singer and host of popular tv programs, did not have an easy time on his rise to stardom.

After leaving for Mexico to forge a career, he was given a hard road and exploited and humiliated in the industry. He had to work for nothing at an abusive television network and would sometime go hungry. ‘Actors were abused and bullied and yelled at on set,’ he said. ‘I would be called to be extra in the days and do other jobs for nothing, or I wouldn’t be considered for other work. I would. I would cave under such toxicity and cry so hard I couldn’t breathe.’

In a time post covid where we have woken up around the work as human beings, the career journey, success, and humility of such a hardworking and truly skilled talent is refreshing. Rodrigo Massa, who has two great secret film releases in coming October and another massive one for Christmas, has had many beautiful moments in his life. Some of his most important, which many may not know, is when he surprises fans and can sit and be involved with them, hearing about their daily lives, struggles, and dreams.

Rodrigo, fluent in six languages and passionate about veganism, animal rights, and saving the planet, then moved to Canada, risking it all again in pursuit of layering an already exploding profile in the arts. He still feels good in hindsight about his Mexican adventure and the successes he gained there.

The Canadian way of working was great for him; even after getting criticism, he was at the highest moment of his career there with Netflix’s top 10 winner EL Dragon: Return of a Warrior, stacking a packed skill set and great projects further. But in a drive to elevate further to entertain audiences worldwide, he took the chance.

Rodrigo Massa is available for exclusive interviews on tv, radio, and other appropriate media, newspaper, and magazine platforms on the above, his journey and past career and projects, and upcoming work and views on relevant issues.