The Renowned US Anti-Terrorism Expert Set to Grace TV Screens with Exciting New Series

Terry Oroszi, an unexpected yet emblematic figure, emerged as a prominent player in the exhilarating and cutting-edge realm of international terrorist prevention. Aspiring to become a respected and influential academic, she channelled her determination into a multifaceted career that now includes being a three-time author of the gripping “Charlie Black” thriller series.

Oroszi’s journey started with a four-year active duty tenure in the US Army from 1984–1988, followed by an inactive phase until 1992. Her role was centred in Air Defense Artillery, and she contributed significantly to the NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) team during her deployment in Germany.

Her professional trajectory began as a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wright State University from 1998–2000. Subsequently, from 2001–2007, Oroszi pursued research work, initially within the same department at Wright State University (2001–2013) and later as a staff scientist within the pharmacology and toxicology department at Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University.

In 2008, Oroszi assumed the role of director of education within the department.

Presently in the UK, engaged in significant speaking engagements, she is simultaneously collaborating with Roar Media Creative Studios to create a new TV series titled “Charlie Black,” poised to captivate audiences worldwide. This political thriller follows an FBI agent leading a dual existence as a terrorist, promising to deliver a riveting production that parallels the iconic “Silence of the Lambs”, replete with gritty action, intense drama, and unflinching realism.

Terry Oroszi boasts impressive accomplishments, including her expertise in body language, a subject she’s delving into with her upcoming groundbreaking book “The 48 Laws of Body Language.”

Her esteemed role as the director of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense (CBRN) Certificate Program at Wright State since 2012 has positioned her as a sought-after speaker on American terrorism, CBRN matters, power dynamics, and leadership. She has graced significant platforms in 2019, including engagements with the National Security Agency, Quantico, and US Congressional Staff in Washington, DC.

With her rich background and extensive experience, the audience is poised for an exceptional experience as Oroszi addresses UK audiences, prepares to release her forthcoming book, and makes her eagerly awaited debut on TV screens with the impending series.

Terry Oroszi’s stay in the UK extends until 25th August, during which she remains available for interviews to discuss her journey, her work on the upcoming book and TV series, and pertinent subjects suitable for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other relevant news outlets.