How to Recreate a 5-Star Hotel Room at Home, According to the Experts

There’s no place more inviting than a well-designed, comfort-filled, hotel room. Welcomed with elegant decor, crisp fresh sheets, and heavenly pillows, a good night’s sleep is always in sight when living in luxury.

So how can our bedrooms resemble such comforts and be as aesthetically pleasing? Hotel linen experts, Richard Haworth have shared some helpful tips on creating the perfect hotel-inspired escape, right from your own home.

Here’s the checklist for luxing up your bedroom and getting a good night’s rest, according to the experts.


A serene night’s sleep in a hotel starts with white, fresh and impossibly fluffy pillows – the kind we dream about once we return home. To avoid the bedtime blues, the experts recommend sourcing your pillows directly from hotel suppliers to create your sleeping sanctuary.

David Stockton, head of e-commerce and marketing at Richard Haworth, lists the benefits of shopping for pillows through hotel suppliers: “Hotel pillows have been designed for all types of sleepers and have durability in mind, given they are used daily. The only way to truly replicate that ‘hotel feeling’ is to buy directly from the experts. Here, you’ll find luxurious goose-down feather pillows or plump microfibre pillows and ranges exactly the same as those found in hotels.”

For your room to look and feel like a luxe hotel, pick out several pillows for the bed, including large and inviting cushions.

Bed linen

Crisp corners and perfectly tucked duvets are a welcome treat at luxury hotels, and they only use the best when it comes to bed linen. According to the pros, there’s a reason why we can’t get enough of them.

David says: “Luxury hotels tend to opt for high quality, breathable linens, ensuring ultimate comfort for their guests. Our Como Sateen range is a popular choice for high-end hotels because its smooth and silky finish doesn’t come at an extravagant price point.

“Another consideration for most hotels when purchasing linen products is durability, and if they can be laundered to the spec we’re all used to when we stay. Many leading UK hotels opt for our Prima or Kensington ranges. We also recommend the cotton-rich covers for homeowners because they are an easy care range that doesn’t break the bank.”


Bedroom armchairs are one of the easiest ways to inject luxury into your space. Creating a multifunctional area dedicated to curling up with your favourite book or binge-watching your favourite TV shows leaves bedrooms feeling more like a hotel getaway than just where you sleep.

Accent armchairs are a popular choice for bedrooms, leaving it feeling effortlessly chic and modern when you break away from the day. If you have the room, opt for two armchairs with a table setting to create that 5-star feel.

Luxe lighting 

According to experts, lighting is essential for bringing a hotel ambience to your home. Lighting that illuminates certain areas of the room, rather than the full space, is how to achieve an ultra-modern look too. Side cabinets, tables and art pieces are often illuminated in hotels, so why not try this for your bedroom?

Many hotels also now stock sunset alarm clocks and sunset lamps – a trend that continues to take over on platforms such as TikTok, where you can produce the calming effects of a sunset straight from your bedroom. The experts recommend introducing this feature to luxe up your room and get a good night’s rest.

Sleep expert Dr Lindsay Browning says: “Light provides a natural alarm clock, and it’s so important to get increasing light exposure to help you feel more awake and alert, particularly in the mornings. Artificial light can also aid productivity, especially bright daylight lamps – helping you to feel more productive. Many people use sunset lamps to tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) too directly, but it should be noted that certain groups can’t use these lamps due to specific conditions.”

Smart speakers 

You might also consider embracing some of the available technology when embracing the hotel lifestyle. Whether investing in a new entertainment system or smart tech such as smart blinds, curtains or speakers – technology can play a key role in creating your hotel-inspired oasis.

Smart speakers are a great way to shut off and get optimal sleep too. One of the latest sleep trends taking over TikTok is listening to the frequencies of nature, such as green noise.

According to Dr Lindsay: “Using sound as a background noise has its benefits – especially when used to mask external noises such as traffic, dogs barking, and other distractions. Green noise is a combination of natural sounds that focuses on a middle frequency, and although we ultimately sleep best in the quiet and in the dark, green noise is a popular aid to help you fall asleep.”