Real Ex-Mobsters Are the Face of Hit Series ‘Gangs of London’

Two notorious real ex-gangsters are driving Sky’s gripping marketing with terrifying memories as the eagerly awaited new hit series ofGangs of London’ has hit the content shelves.

Season 2, getting great reviews and giving us again an explosion of violence and dark underworld narrative, has more of the real side of that fascinating and hidden world with Stephen Gillen, one of the UK’s most known reformed mobsters, and Freddie ‘Kruga’ Nwaka ex-gang member from South London‘s untouchables are working with Sky Atlantic, ‘Gangs of London’ and Ladbible to introduce audiences to the hit series by their experiences.

Stephen Gillen, once an East End gang boss and now a successful entrepreneur and Peace Prize nominee whose own story has been optioned to be a major film in 2023, and Fredi Nwaka, a fearsome ex-gang figure now a film-maker and producer, don’t glorify their dark pasts, but spare no words in its impactive and graphic detail.

Stephen Gillen, born in England and raised to age 9 in the height of the troubles in Belfast before rising to senior levels in London’s gangland, has become a quality broadcaster and crime expert in recent years with amazing insights into the world of crime. Fredi Nwaka, with a strangely similar traumatic upbringing, has been shaping great content to lift the lid on black-on-black crime.

Their histories and stories lift the lid of the previously hidden world in a never-understood way. Both are now giving back in an amazing way needed to dissuade our youth from the great challenges increasingly littering our inner cities and smashing the myth engineered by Organised Crime Gangs that life is good and honourable.

Both Stephen and Fredi, as Sky, ‘Gangs of London’ and Ladbible continue to release amazing content from them out into the media, are available for interview on TV, radio or in newspapers, magazines and other relevant platforms to discuss their views, life journey or other relevant topics.