Mike Tindall MBE & Zara Tindall MBE take rapid COVID-19 test

Former England Rugby Captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Mike Tindall MBE and his wife, the former Equestrian World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Zara Tindall (nee Phillips) MBE have both tested a new 10 minute COVID-19 rapid test kit and digital health passport called VHealth passport which has been developed to help get sports fans back into major events and stadiums.

The VHealth passport and the rapid testing kit is part of a new FANS ARE BACK pilot scheme devised by tech and healthcare innovator Louis-James Davis. The 32-year old entrepreneur is leading a consortium of British companies in health care, sports, and event management who are at the forefront of getting all sports fans back spectating at major sporting events and stadiums next month.

Both Mike and Zara who are Global Sporting Ambassadors for British cyber technology company VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE) took the BioSure rapid test kit to see for themselves how quick, safe, and easy the rapid test kit was to use and upload to their VHealth passports.

The test was administered under COVID-19 safe practice by Latus Health Care, taking just under one minute to administer the test first to Zara and then Mike. Both test results came out in under 10 minutes as negative before the couple had their test results uploaded to their VHealth passports in seconds.

VST Enterprises the Manchester-based cyber technology company has developed the Test agnostic VHealth passport platform and has put forward the BioSure 10 minute rapid test as part of their ‘Fans are back’ pilot program. The company has recently submitted this pilot programme to No10 and the Department of Culture Media & Sport to get football, snooker, rugby, golf and equestrian sports fans back into Stadiums and major sporting events.

Zara Tindall MBE (Phillips) Global Sporting Ambassador for VST Enterprises and VHealth passport said: ‘This is a really exciting new technology that has such great potential for the equestrian world. For riders, who are travelling all over the country, and to other countries, this gives reassurance that they have been tested and are negative for COVID-19.

‘And for those working on events including support staff, volunteers, and the fans themselves it gives them the confidence to come back to the sport we love and have the big events running again. I found the whole experience of taking the rapid test and using the VHealth passport simple and quick and I hope with more people using it we will be able to get our sport back up and running and people enjoying it again.’

Mike Tindall, MBE Global Sporting Ambassador for VST Enterprises and VHealth passport said: ‘Zara and I both took the test which was literally one minute to administer a blood sample and run it through the Bio Sure test kit with our results back in less than 10 minutes.

‘The VHealth passport is testing agnostic, so it can work with all and any approved COVID-19 testing kits or lab-based testing. Our negative test results were then uploaded to our VHealth passports in under five seconds and it means we get a green tick on a traffic light system on the VHealth passport app on our phones.

‘What this does is give people who use the VHealth passport system confidence that the people around them are also doing the same thing in a sporting event and have tested negative. Ultimately it’s about getting the fans back safely into major sporting events.’

The rapid test kit takes one minute to administer to a sports fan or a professional athlete and gives test results within 10 minutes and a 98.7% accuracy testing for three different antibodies IgG, IgA, IgM. In particular, the IgA line can detect and pick up the infection as early as three days from exposure. The test kit which comes with a GDPR compliant and VHealth passport will be priced at £15 making it a game-changer for sports fans across the UK.

Tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis is leading the consortium of British companies who joined their respective expertise to find a solution to get fans back into stadiums. His tech company VST Enterprises along with sports partners REDSTRIKE, public safety and event management partners HALO Solutions and occupational health care company LATUS HEALTH have put forward active pilot proposals to Government to get football, rugby union, and rugby league fans back into sports stadiums across the UK in a safe and controlled manner.

Former sports minister Richard Caborn has widely supported the initiative and believes that a system of testing and health passports is the right way to get fans back spectating at British sporting events.

Louis-James Davis, CEO of VST Enterprises and inventor of the VHealth passport, said: ‘Both Mike and Zara could easily see from taking the rapid test themselves how quick, safe, and easy it was to administer and then uploading their COVID-19 test results to their V-Health passports in seconds.

‘We believe this is a game-changer for all sports fans, not just in the UK but around the world. Just as important with sports fans, it can also be used in other major events such as theatre, festivals and music concerts where the principals of rapid testing and health passports using secure technology are the keys to bringing fans back.

‘The unique attributes are the speed of the test, safety, accuracy and the secure VCode technology behind the V-Health passport which authenticates and validates a person’s identity and their COVID-19 test results. More importantly, we have priced the rapid test kit and V-Health passport at £15 per test kit and health passport making this affordable and economically viable for sports teams and fans alike.’

Mike Tindall MBE also recently visited SALE SHARKS ahead of their new season to show the players and team staff how simple the ‘Fans are back’ pilot scheme works for sports fans, demonstrating how safe and secure it was to take the rapid test and VHealth passport.

The ‘Fans are back‘ pilot programs will cover football, rugby and snooker initially working with DCMS, SGSA (Sports Ground Safety Authority) and the various bodies including the Premier League, RFU, RFL, the Jockey Club, BHA and World Snooker. Upon its successful trials, other pilot programs will then be rolled out across music concerts, theatre and other entertainment venues.

VSTE is collaborating with a wide range of sporting organisations and regulatory bodies during the pandemic to provide its VCode & VPlatform technology including working with the United Nations as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program to provide a wide range of technology services to nine billion people by 2030.


Image credit: Freepik