The Price of Being Ingenuine with Home Decor

From faux designer bags to knock-off technology, the world is full of ingenuine items. Take “Champagne”, for example. Many use the term to refer to all sparkling wine, when in fact, it should be used much more sparingly; only if it is produced in the “Champagne” appellation of France and made in accordance with regulations set by the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne).

Inauthenticity also extends into the home. Whether it’s the antique pieces you prefer or the artwork on your walls, genuine features and pieces are something that homeowners can feel a sense of pride in.

Authenticity is something The Original Box Sash Windows Company certainly understands and empathises with. Where you may feel enticed to cut costs or skip a step or two in your home regeneration project, they have gathered four reasons to be genuine.

Cheap isn’t always the best

Saving a penny or two is undoubtedly on the minds of many, but there are many instances where the investment is worth it. If something costs less, then there’s a chance that the quality isn’t up to par, and you could end up paying more in the future to replace it. Try not to be swayed by a lower price tag; consider what matters to you in your home and whether cutting corners is worth it in the long run.

Environmentally unfriendly 

Quality comes at a price, as previously mentioned, but there’s another price to pay through the materials and construction methods. Take box sash windows as an example, where only genuine materials are used to handcraft the finished product, or antique furniture, where you know you will receive proper oak wood. With mock sash windows or antiques that claim to be real, they’re often made from PVC plastic made to look wooden. The impact of PVC is well documented, known to release harmful chemicals dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment.

Professional installation

When you buy genuine, a sense of pride is involved – from the homeowner and the service provider. Someone who has honed their craft for years will undoubtedly take great pride in their work and take care of your home to ensure a proper installation. Handcrafted items also tend to come from small, independent businesses, where you’re much more likely to experience a high quality of customer service should you have any future questions or concerns.

Mismatched aesthetics

If you’ve been in your home for years, you’ll have worked tirelessly to cultivate a particular aesthetic. Opting for ingenuine finishing touches – such as faux crown moulding could risk throwing the entire look out of balance. If you’ve made investments everywhere else in the room – or indeed your home – by cutting corners in one area, your decision could stand out like a sore thumb.