Research Reveals 9 Points on Your Licence Could Increase Your Car Premium by £615

comparethemarket has revealed that over 2.6 million drivers have points on their licences, with nearly two million people having three licenses. The research reveals the locations and age groups most likely to have drivers with points on their licences.

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Bradford has the most drivers with points on their licence 

According to the research, Bradford is home to the most drivers with at least three points on their licence. Leeds (99.1) and Wakefield (94.8) follow in second and third place.

Looking at locations with the least number of drivers with points on their licence, Canterbury takes first place with only 41 drivers (per 1,000 licences held) having at least three licence points. London also features in the top five with 47 drivers.

There are more 50-year-old drivers with points on their licence 

There are more 50-year-old drivers with points on their licence than any other age group. Data further revealed that 50-year-old men are 2.3 times more likely to have penalty points than women of the same age.

Over half a million drivers aged 45–54 are predicted to receive licence points this year

By the end of 2022, based on the trends uncovered, it is predicted that the number of drivers with points on their licence will increase across all age groups, except for 45 –54-year-olds and 5564-year olds.

The effect of licence points on your insurance premium

Depending on the driving offence, you can be issued with as many as 12 points which, if gained outright or within three years, means you will be disqualified from driving. Avoiding getting points on your licence could also be beneficial regarding the cost of your car insurance.

Alex Hasty, director at comparethemarket, comments: ‘Having three points on your licence increases your average yearly car insurance cost by £60 per year, and it could go up by as much as £615 if you were to get nine points, according to our data. When looking for a car insurance provider, it’s important that you’re honest about any existing points on your licence, as it can put you at risk of invalidating your car insurance.’

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