Playmobil Partners with Birdseye for New Promotion

Playmobil, the much-loved toy manufacturer, is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with Birdseye for a special promotion. From April to June, customers can enjoy a fantastic offer by purchasing two promotional packs of the Birdseye New Mini Fish Fingers.

This exclusive promotion will be available in stores from the 1st of April to the 30th of June, supported by eye-catching in-store Point of Sale (POS) displays in major supermarkets across the country.

This collaboration between Playmobil and Birdseye aims to bring joy and fun to families across the UK, combining the magic of imaginative play with delicious and convenient meal options. Both brands are excited to offer this unique opportunity to their loyal customers, creating memorable experiences and moments of delight.

Adam Moore, the Marketing Communications Manager for Playmobil, has expressed his excitement about partnering with the iconic brand Birdseye. According to Moore, Birdseye Fish Fingers have been a classic dinner table staple for generations, particularly during kids’ mealtimes. This collaboration is happening at the perfect time, as Playmobil is celebrating its 50th anniversary of bringing play to generations of children.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time promotion and stock up on your favourite Birdseye products to unlock the special Playmobil offer. Get ready to embark on a new adventure with Playmobil and Birdseye!

Playmobil is a leading toy manufacturer known for its high-quality, imaginative playsets that inspire creativity and storytelling. Birdseye is a trusted brand offering delicious and convenient frozen food products. Both brands are committed to providing families with products that bring joy and fun into their daily lives. The partnership between Playmobil and Birdseye aims to create memorable experiences for customers through a unique promotion that combines the best of playtime and mealtime.