This Planet Needs Mermaids More than Ever

Earlier this year, the Guardian reported that the “creativity pipeline”  is at risk of drying up

In a survey conducted over the past 12 years, 60% fewer pupils have taken art and design at GCSE. Other “creative” subjects like music and drama are declining, and less than 25% of young adults are being recommended to follow creative career paths.  And yet, it’s not because a creativity “switch” in a child’s mind suddenly turns off when they are deciding what they want to study.

If parents are worried that their children are less creative, or less active, than when they were young, it’s not because they can’t pry their phones or tablets from their hands. It’s because they don’t understand just how important it is for them to learn through play.

According to a joint study by UNICEF and the Lego Foundation, play:

  • It helps children make sense of the world around them.
  • Strengthens learning motivation and outcomes.
  • Satisfies a basic human need to express imagination, curiosity and creativity.

However, the most important benefit of play is simple: children and parents who make more time for play are happier and share a stronger bond than those who play less.

Those benefits are even greater when a child leads playtime. That’s why Planet Mermaid is encouraging parents to let their children learn through play with three new items:

  • For children, associated being active while having fun, can help them lead healthier lives, better mental health, and stoke a passion that will set them up for a lifetime. With the deluxe mermaid set, featuring a shimmering top and swimming briefs, paired with a fulllength mermaid tail and stabilising fin, they can immerse themselves in a world of play.

  • Swimming isn’t just a life-saving skill for children  it’s a social activity that helps them learn coordination and conquer a new frontier for play. The 2-piece mermaid starter set, made up of a colourful tail, stabilising fin and bonus matching scrunchie, is perfect for swimmers growing in confidence who can’t wait to discover a new way to play with their newest skill.

  • It’s a fact that mostly are visual learners – and children, in particular, learn far better by seeing something than being told about it. That’s why the colour-in mermaid messenger bag features an educational design that shows children the beautiful diversity of their favourite shells. They can personalise it in the colours they desire, and thanks to a portable travel box with a smart pink handle, they can take it wherever they go.

Planet Mermaid was born out of a passion for wanting to enable children to be creative and get lost in their imagination. We know what incredible things can happen if you encourage these traits from an early age,” says Magdalena Jovanovic, founder of Planet Mermaid. “Helping a child to explore their creative side and hearing about the fun they have is the most rewarding part of Planet Mermaid,” she adds.