Is Pizza the Ultimate All-Season Food? Must-Try Toppings for Winter

Pizza is the unbeatable all-season champion. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a great go-to food, whether it’s snowing outside or the sun is shining. 

Winter welcomes the warmth of a hot slice, melted cheese, and hearty toppings; a perfect comfort dish for those chilly days. Come spring, summer, or fall, pizza can effortlessly transition to a lighter fare with fresh and vibrant ingredients. 

Recent data from the Google search console highlights a 190% surge in impressions for pizza month over month, which will come as no surprise for this all-season crowd-pleaser.

For a cozy winter touch, experts from meal-box delivery service, Chefs Plate have shared toppings to spice up your pizza during the colder months:

1. Fig and prosciutto

Top your pizza with sliced figs and delicate prosciutto. The sweet-salty combination is a sophisticated yet comforting choice for the winter season.

2. Sage and sausage sensation

Sprinkle crumbled sage over a layer of savoury sausage. The earthy aroma of sage combined with the hearty sausage makes for slices that are perfect for those chilly evenings.

3. Spiced maple-glazed bacon

Glaze the bacon with a touch of maple syrup and a pinch of warming spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. The result is a crispy, sweet, and savoury topping that embodies the comfort of winter.

4. Gourmet mushroom mix

Create depth by using a mix of wild mushrooms like shiitake, oyster, or cremini. Their earthy notes embody the essence of the colder months.

5. Rosemary-infused olive oil

Infuse olive oil with fresh rosemary and drizzle it over the pizza post-bake. The aromatic herb brings a wintery essence to each bite.

For cheap and easy mealtime inspiration, visit Chefs Plate.