Pico is the garden in your palm

With telescopic grow lights, self-watering and multiple-mounting options, Pico makes growing plants at home easy and accessible to all. It’s the need of the hour in the days of home confinement. After a few weeks on Kickstarter, Pico became the most-funded and most-backed plant campaign ever, with $1M+ pledged by over 13,000 backers.

In these uncertain times, plants are exactly what most of us need. They are known for their ability to relieve stress, enhance concentration, and improve air quality. But taking care of plants shouldn’t come with additional stress. 

Pico is a pint-sized gardening companion you can attach to any surface to grow a wide variety of thriving plants anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s fresh herbs for cooking, indoor air-purifying plants or just succulents you want to grow, Pico has got your back covered. With its help, taking care of plants will become hassle free.

With Pico, anyone can grow their favourite plants indoors all year round. You can forget about worrying if your plant is getting enough sunlight – Pico has a multi-spectrum LED kit that supports a wide variety of plants and provides complete autonomy from sunlight. It is the same light that indoor food farms and professional growers use to grow their plants but in a convenient miniature size.

Pico removes the guesswork involved in watering plants. Its clever self-watering tech stores water and provides on-demand watering. It involves no motors or pumps, instead relying on capillary action and gravity to give your plants exactly the water they need. All you have to do is pour in a glass of water once a week.

Pico will always be at your side. You can stick it on your fridge and grow your next salad’s fresh cilantro, or place it on your desk to always have enchanting roses nearby. With interchangeable mounts, you can customise your Pico to make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle.

After an intense campaign on Kickstarter, Pico has already become the most-funded and most-backed plant campaign ever. In a few weeks, it crossed the $1M mark – a goal achieved by less than 0.1% of campaigns – and received the support of over 13,000 people! With less than a week left on Kickstarter, many more backers are still expected.

Pico was developed by Altifarm, the team that already achieved great success with larger urban gardening technologies. Pico’s goal is to help make urban gardening even more accessible, allowing more people to dip their toes into that world and stay connected to nature, with a garden in everyone’s palm.