Pick a Picota!

The sweet and juicy stalkless cherry is now available on supermarket shelves for six weeks only.  

Spanish Picota cherries are unique to the Jerte Valley and protected by a denomination of origin (DO) status – which means they can’t be grown anywhere else. They are also the only variety that is detached from the tree without a stalk, which remains on the branches during the harvesting. 

The DO certificate verifies the fruit has been grown, harvested and packed under rigorous quality control procedures, which includes hand-picking for optimum ripeness.

Once the cherries have been hand-picked – they are sorted into chestnut baskets at the base of the trees, as the farmers select only the best ones to be sold and eaten. The Picota cherries are then packaged in the Jerte Valley and shipped off to their final destinations.

Picota is an exclusive product that is distinguished by its flavour and sweetness. They are dark red in colour and have a more fleshy, crunchy texture than other cherries. The variety is only available in UK supermarkets from this week until the beginning of August.

Almost two million Picota cherry trees sweep the Jerte Valley. Following a century-long family custom, the cherries are grown in the traditional way on terraces carved out of the high mountainsides, among crystal-clear springs and pure air. The unique environment, with a privileged microclimate is what helps to produce such a high quality product.

Not only are Picota cherries delicious, they also have many health benefits. As a 100% natural product, they are extremely nutritious containing flavonoids, vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Eaten fresh on their own, or in many sweet and savoury dishes, Picota cherries are a delicious summertime treat – so be sure to catch them while you can!