Royal College of Occupational Therapists launch ‘Small Change, Big Impact’ campaign

As part of Occupational Therapy Week 2019, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) has launched a new campaign, ‘Small Change, Big Impact’, which celebrates how the small changes occupational therapists make can have a big impact on the people they support.

Occupational Therapy Week 2019 takes place from 4th to 10th November and is a national awareness week run by RCOT to promote the value of occupational therapists and the fantastic work that they do across the UK. Taking the campaign as its theme, this year’s Occupational Therapy Week will showcase and champion the impact of occupational therapy and RCOT members on the lives of service users and the communities they live in.

Across the UK, our members will be reflecting on their practice and sharing their stories on our website about how a small change they implemented made a big difference to someone’s life. Members will also be holding events, talks with colleagues, the public or their local community and schools, as well as engaging with local media.

The week is not just for RCOT members. Anyone can join in Occupational Therapy Week 2019 and show their support by using the hashtag #OTWeek2019 and sharing the Small Change, Big Impact campaign stories on social media.

RCOT Chief Executive, Julia Scott said: ‘Every day across the UK, occupational therapists change lives for the better. Occupational Therapy Week 2019 is a fantastic time to celebrate this. The Royal College knows very well how hard our members work and the extent of the difference they make and we want everyone else to know too. I am encouraging everyone to be loud and proud and get involved in the campaign. Share your support for occupational therapists by using the hashtag #OTWeek2019 and sharing your Small Change, Big Impact stories.

‘Sometimes it’s just a small change that’s needed to make a positive difference to someone’s life. We want to hear from members up and down the country about the changes they’re making and the impact they’re achieving. We are asking occupational therapists to share stories with us at the Occupational Therapy Week 2019 page on our website. By collecting as many stories as possible, we can better demonstrate the vital importance of occupational therapy on people’s lives and society.’

More information about Occupational Therapy Week 2019 can be found here.