NNIT Is Manning Up to Support Future Growth

In 2021 alone, NNIT A/S has hired 200 new employees, and manning up will continue well into the year to support future business growth, mainly within NNIT’s strategic focus areas. Currently, they are looking to fill 250 vacancies – within virtually all areas and at all levels.

CEO Per Kogut commented: ‘At the moment, we are welcoming many new, smart employees all over the NNIT world. It is a great joy to meet them in the onboarding process, and I look forward to meeting many more when we can once again travel internationally. It feels great to be growing yet again and to be looking into a brighter future.’

250 vacancies to be filled over the coming months

Half of the positions are in Denmark (HQ), and the other half are distributed across their many other locations. Most new positions are focused within the NNIT Winning Solutions, particularly in relation to their life science segment and their offerings within Production IT, Hybrid Cloud and Cybersecurity, where NNIT is currently experiencing great momentum; in part due to the general momentum within digital transformation, accelerated by the onset of the COVID-19 in early 2020.

‘Some positions are of course replacements, but mostly, we’re talking new positions to support business growth within our strategic focus areas – or Winning Solutions as we call them, roughly plus 150 positions at this stage. Our clear aim is to retain our many talented employees while also recruiting new talent,’ said Senior VP Brit Kannegaard Johannesen. ‘We need to keep nurturing talent by maintaining a good mix of old and new talent across all diversity parameters; we believe that creates the best dynamic for the future.’

NNIT extends a warm welcome to all new employees who have joined NNIT so far in 2021.