Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO Network Communiqué 2019

A decade of partnership ten years ago, the Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network (NNN) was established to enhance the contribution of NGOs towards a vision of a world free of neglected tropical diseases. The NNN is a dynamic and diverse network bringing together over 80 NGO members worldwide to speak with a unified NGO voice. The network has grown into an established forum for collaboration, developing a community of practice and partnerships to overcome barriers to beating NTDs (neglected tropical diseases).

Over the last decade, NNN members have worked together to make significant contributions to global progress on combating NTDs. The NNN successfully championed the inclusion of an indicator on NTDs in the SDG (sustainable development goals) framework. In 2016 the NNN launched its BEST (Behaviour, Environment, Social inclusion, Treatment & Care) framework, which sets out the NTD community’s commitment to forging new partnerships and working across sectors to ensure equity and inclusion in efforts needed to reach control, elimination, and eradication targets for NTDs. In 2019, the NNN’s WASH working group partnered with the World Health Organization to publish a collaboration toolkit, WASH and health working together: A ‘how-to’ guide for Neglected Tropical Disease Programmes. It provides NTD programme managers and partners with practical guidance to build and deliver multisectoral partnerships and action.

2020: Year of action on NTDs

2020 is a defining year for the next, bolder phase of efforts to combat NTDs. During the opening plenary session, Dr Mwele Malecela, WHO NTD Director stated: ‘I was asked to speak today about WHO’s vision post-2020, but my main aim today is to talk of our shared vision. We would not be where we are today and would not have made the significant progress we have without the spirit of collaboration which I believe defines our NTD community.’ In 2020, NNN members will champion a new ambitious WHO NTD Roadmap 2021–2030, underpinned by cross-cutting approaches.

Our commitment

This year the NNN launched two statements on sustainability and our commitment to safety, highlighting its alignment with the global health and development agenda. In the year ahead, the NNN community commits to expanding and strengthening existing and new partnerships between NTDs and across sectors inclusive of WASH, disability, education, one health and humanitarian aid. Through cross-cutting approaches codified through the BEST framework, we will contribute to strengthening health systems, ensure the sustainability of control and elimination efforts and amplify the voices of people affected by NTDs and those working on the front lines.

About the Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO Network

With over 70 members worldwide, the NNN is a forum for partners working together to improve health for the world’s poorest populations and build a brighter future for all people.

The NNN is built on partnerships: across diseases, between cross-cutting issues and with governments.