Why Is My Dog Eating Grass? The Yorkshire Vet Answers Why

As spring turns to summer, pet parents may see their dog show new behaviours when out and about, like their pup eating grass at the park as they play. This may lead to them searching online for why their dog is eating grass.

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Vet and the star of The Yorkshire Vet, Peter Wright, share the answer to the highly searched question, Why is my dog eating grass? This question is Googled 1,900 times per month.

Why is my dog eating grass?

“Eating grass is something that dog owners often bring up during a trip to the vet, but if your dog’s only eating a little grass, it can be perfectly normal. They are often just a little bit inquisitive, and some dogs like and enjoy the grass. However, you may see your dog ingest large quantities of grass, which can signify feeling nauseous or having indigestion.”

“All of our pets are different. Some dogs can get away with eating virtually everything edible and suffer no consequences, whereas others have much more sensitive stomachs.”

“If this is the case, they may be better suited to a grain-free dog food diet, they may need to avoid certain types of protein, or they may need to be fed more novel types of protein, such as fish or duck. Using a vet recommended dog food is the best way to ensure that your dog’s diet meets all their nutritional needs.”