New Research Reveals Most Common Jobs in Each State

The Canadian direct bank study analysed data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics to see which occupations have the highest employment per 1,000 jobs in each state.

The retail salesperson job is the most common in 19 states, most notably Florida, Georgia, and Michigan. In Florida, retail salespersons make up 34.089 of every 1,000 jobs; in Georgia, they make up 30.247 for every 1,000, and in Michigan, they make up 26.646 for every 1,000 jobs. According to the data, roughly 293,350 retail salespersons are employed in Florida.

Home health and personal care aides are most common in six states. The most notable states include California and New York. In California, they make up 43.389 of every 1,000 total jobs; in New York, they make up 55.211 per 1,000 jobs, the highest number out of every state. Roughly 717,220 aides are employed in California.

In five states, the job of fast food and counter worker is the most common, most notably in Texas, Virginia, and Oregon. In Texas, roughly 28.913 of every 1,000 jobs are fast food and counter workers; in Virginia, it’s 26.153 for every 1,000, and in Oregon, it’s 29.050 for every 1,000. In Texas, there are around 353,500 people employed in the field.

Labourers and movers are the most common job in five states, most notably Illinois, Indiana, and South Carolina. In Illinois, labourers and movers make up roughly 33.552 of every 1,000 jobs; in Indiana, this number is 30.680 per 1,000; in South Carolina, it’s 33.363 per 1,000. In Illinois, around 188,520 are employed in this job alone.


Number of states where the most common 

Retail salespersons


Home Health and Personal Care Aides


Fast food and counter workers


Labourers and Freight, Stock and Material Movers




General and Operations Managers


Registered Nurses


Customer service representatives


Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers


In Nebraska, the most common job was found to be heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, making up 26.858 of every 1,000 total jobs. Around 25,740 are employed in the state.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Tangerine said: ‘While it may not come as a shock that some of the most common jobs across the US are also some of the lowest-paid jobs, it’s interesting to see the sheer volume that they have as a percentage of all jobs in a state. Additionally, it highlights the constant demand for jobs in the retail sector.’

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