Mobile Ecosystem Forum Announces Board Election Results

The global association, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, has announced the results of its board elections. The board represents the diversity of businesses, regions, and markets in the mobile ecosystem. 

Elections have been taking place over the last two weeks and the results were announced at the MEF Global Forum taking place at Casa Lotja in Barcelona during MWC 2024. 

There were four positions up for election, and the newly elected directors are:

  • Anurag Aggarwal – Chief Revenue Officer, Enterprise Business at GMS
  • Dr. Marco Lafrentz – Vice President, Business and Market Development at NetNumber
  • Robert Gerstmann – Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder at Sinch
  • Amira Akra – Product Manager, Messaging at Vodafone Germany

They will join existing board members:

  • Jason Lunn – Global Connectivity and CPaaS at Cisco, UK
  • Rajiv Singla – CEO Global Messaging at Globe TeleServices, India
  • Waheed Adam – Executive Chairman of iTouch Messaging Services, South Africa
  • Valeria Magoni – Senior Director, Product and Corporate Marketing, Kaleyra in Italy
  • Dario Betti – CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum
  • Rafael Pellon – Partner, Pellon de Lima Advogados
  • Tim Ward – VP Number Information Services at Xconnect, UK

Each new board member serves a two-year term on the MEF Board, whose role is to shape the strategy and governance of MEF activities globally. Over the coming year, the role and future opportunities associated with messaging will be a key focus, alongside anti-fraud, privacy, and consumer trust. 

Voting took place online and all full members were eligible to vote. There were 10 candidates for the four positions.

Each candidate submitted a short video outlining what they could offer the board, and MEF members voted for their preferred candidates.

“I am thrilled to welcome our four new board members and look forward to working with them over the coming year to help address the challenges and opportunities in the mobile ecosystem. I’d like to say a personal thanks to our departing board members, Jimmy Jones and Matteo Gatta, and, in particular, to Andrew Bud, who is a founder of MEF and has been the chairman of the board for the last 16 years.

“MEF’s Board plays a central role in setting the strategy for the organisation and ensuring good governance.  It is important that the MEF Board reflect its members with a wide range of expertise, both in terms of sector and geography,” said Dario Betti, CEO of MEF. 

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) is a global trade body established in 2000 and headquartered in the UK, with members across the world. As the voice of the mobile ecosystem, it focuses on cross-industry best practices, anti-fraud, and monetisation. The Forum provides its members with global and cross-sector platforms for networking, collaboration and advancing industry solutions. 

The new and re-elected board members will start their tenure on 12th March when the first meeting of the new board takes place.