NUS responds to the Labour Party’s announcements on NHS funding

Today the Labour Party made announcements on NHS funding, Eva Crossan Jory, NUS Vice President (Welfare) said;

“We welcome the Labour Party’s announcement today regarding the £26 billion yearly funding boost to the NHS funded by reversing corporation tax cuts and taxing the richest more. This funding would be used to address the funding crisis our NHS is facing. We hope this would bring an end to extensive waiting times in A&E and for planned treatments, staffing shortages and the difficulties some face in accessing timely and high-quality medical support.

“We particularly welcome the proposal to universally abolish prescription charges in England. The current system of exemptions is not working. For example, apprentices have been exempted from minimum wage levels, often struggling to make ends meet, but must also pay for their prescriptions.

“The initial barrier removed by the founding of the health service was cost: healthcare should be accessed on the basis of need, not on the ability to pay.

“In addition, we welcome the proposals to invest in public health including £75m extra for sexual health services.”