The Maverick Rebel 13-Year-Old CEO Changing Things and Shocking the Business World

Young maverick entrepreneur Morgan Boult was a rebel at school and told he would never amount to anything. But at 19 and managing director of a successful call centre, already in its 6th year of trading and incorporated when he was aged 13, he is the epitome of proving everyone wrong. But there is more to Morgan Boult’s story. Here is someone amazingly unique and earmarked for bigger, greater things. During a difficult time at school, he was a rebel who saw a tough time growing up.  Add to this his mother who was a headmistress and father, a successful actuary, the pressure on him was enormous for perfect school years and a steady adolescence. But in true Sir Richard Branson style, Morgan had other ideas. Forming his first business at school selling sweets he showed business savvy almost immediately expanding beyond schoolboy expectations; getting a card machine contract with a credit card company, opening a fully functional shop in his parent’s garage, and because of demand bringing two rucksacks a time full of products to school.


In these times of market upheavals and financial woes, nothing lightens and compels audiences more than an overcoming-all-odds story to success. But with daring to be different comes a price, and as Morgan kept expanding the sweetshop, and attracting customers of all ages, the green-eyed monster called in the guise of someone throwing him into the local authorities for running a business and not paying business rates. When authorities turned up and saw 13 years old Morgan and signs up in the front of his parent’s garage saying we take credit cards, they were amazed and amused at the same time. “I was a kid,” Morgan said. “They understood and said no harm done, but you can’t run this as a commercial enterprise like this. They realized I was just a 13-year-old who had taken what every teenager was doing but to a different level.” The shop business was dismantled. It was at this point the next, gifted business innovation struck for the 13-year-old. “I heard about the acquisition of a telephone answering service and how badly the clients had been treated once taken over. I researched and saw there very few in the space providing tailored and personal answering services. It was then Hero PA was born…”

Hero PA, a personal 24/7 telephone answering service dealing with major contracts, and both private & corporate clients is a clever business model with wrap-around, key services such as; message taking, virtual switchboard services, help-desk ticketing, and call-outs/escalations – Morgan & Hero PA is even PSA regulated to operate premium-rate 118 directory enquiry services. But the beginning of the new company again was hard, as the 13-year-old could not be a Director by law until aged 16, however could be a person of significant control and shareholder.  With the help of his nan becoming Director 6 years ago, Morgan now just 19 has scaled the business, its brand, contracts, and employees and has been trading now successfully for over 6 years. Morgan is now releasing a new groundbreaking book targeted at the business world and young entrepreneurs called: “The Teenage Guide to Exploding a Business”. And is currently working with some of the UK’s top influencers and broadcast studios and is in negotiations with Netflix to develop a new hit TV Series centred around his story and how a new young breed of entrepreneurs is changing the way business is done.