Peace Anthem ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ Inspires Across the Globe

The timely and poignant peace anthem Lullaby For Our Daughters has been a rousing success. Inspired by International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael Tinholme and his Band of Legends assembled for what may well be one of the world’s great songs for peace.

Initially written by music legend Mike Garson (David Bowie’s pianist) and singer Nnenna Freelon, Tinholme’s rendition brings back Garson’s irreplaceable talent, who once again brings elegance and grace the single.

It is no wonder that Lullaby For Our Daughters has received universal praise and global airplay. With broadcasts across the UK, USA, Canada, China, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and being featured on BBC Radio, Lullaby For Our Daughters has resonated with audiences worldwide.

In the tradition of The Beatles’ Revolution, John Lennon’s Imagine and Give Peace a Chance, Lullaby For Our Daughters crystallises this moment when it is more important than ever to come together with one and all.

‘When singing Lullaby for Our Daughters over two years ago now. I imagined a first-time father or parent walking the room and singing their daughter off to sleep. And how his and our hopes and dreams and worries for that child, our children, all children, gives all of our lives greater meaning and purpose for a better future. I congratulate Mike Garson and Nnenna Freelon for giving the world a beautiful song which is also a wonderful prayer for a more hopeful and peaceful tomorrow,’ said Michael Tinholme.

Industry titans like the BBC, USA Today, and Mike Garson have recognised the spark that is Michael Tinholme. With a listen to Lullaby For Our Daughters, we think you will too. Michael encourages listeners to close their eyes, plug into Lullaby For Our Daughters, and feel about the women who have changed their lives.

Mike Garson – Piano
Edwin Livingston – Bass
Gary Novak – Drums
Mike Miller -Guitar
Billy Steinway -Keyboards
Steve Rawlins – Conductor
Michael Tinholme – Vocals

Written by Mike Garson and Nnenna Freelon
Arrangement by Michael Tinholme
Produced by Dennis Moody and
Michael Tinholme
Released by Blue Planet Records