The ‘Love Poetry’ of Suhail Mirza has just been published in time for Valentine’s Day

The first ever collection of the love poetry of Suhail Mirza, published in time for Valentine’s Day.

The collection features 60 poems divided into five sections: remembrance (poems about our true nature and balance); poems honouring the divine feminine and masculine; memory (poems of heartache and yearning); poems of longing and reunion; and poems of obsession and passion.

It also contains a revealing introduction by Suhail Mirza describing his journey from materially successful lawyer to mystical poet and the personal heartbreak that brought about his transformation.

AJ Beaber, author of You and I Inc. says: ‘This book will spark your imagination. The infinite space where lovers’ passion cannot be contained.’

Suhail’s poetry is written for the lover inside all. Suhail has journeyed to the secret garden where the divine masculine and feminine rejoice, in union, ignited by the celebration of their love. And has returned to share his poetic findings here in Flames of Love. This poetry is more than words. For those who are open, it is an opportunity to reunite with your beloved, over and over again.

‘There are some people who are “born writers” – it is these people who have that unique gift of being able to take the innermost and deepest emotions experienced by human beings and articulate them into words. Consequently, Suhail’s poetry speaks to your soul, providing it with a platform to express those feelings that we often don’t have the words to describe.”

Suhail Mirza grew up in east London, graduated in law from the London School of Economics and worked as an employment rights lawyer, where he represented those facing discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. He later went into recruitment, wrote the acclaimed book Meet the CEO and still serves as editor for the leading trade journal Recruitment International.

A few years ago Suhail was faced with a crisis of meaning and despite all the trappings of worldly success his despair lead him to question the value of his existence. Only when he rediscovered the timeless principles of traditional wisdom could his own personal transformation begin. Since then he has written the non-denominational spiritual self-help guide Many Mansions, an Amazon spiritual bestseller. This is the first collection of Suhail Mirza’s poetry.

The Flames of Love is published by Matador and will be available in paperback, ebook and audiobook from all good bookshops and online book sellers.